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  • Exclusive offering for use on all Hewlett Packard Enterprise branded scale-up x86 Linux servers.
  • Customizable to your application with five different launch policies.
  • Non-intrusive application launch design means the only change is the application start command.

Key Features

Improving Application Performance for Large Linux Workloads

Internal testing has up to 60% scale-up database improvement.1

Internal testing has up to 60% scale-up database consolidation improvement.2

Internal testing showed 30% performance gain on Apache® SPARK.3

Customizable for a Wide Variety of Workloads

The HPE Application Tuner Express offers multiple different launch policies for application tuning.

Distributes the workload evenly over all processors (Round Robin) for increased performance.

Increases the load capacity on each processor (fill first).

Aligns all processes on the same node (Pack).

Increased Application Performance Benefits

The HPE Application Tuner Express performance improvement can reduce the needed cores to be licensed for applications.

Scale-up large application to meet increased demand without having to scale-out your application.

Consolidate workloads and reduce power and cooling costs.

Try Before You Buy

The HPE Application Tuner Express offers a 60-day trail kit, see the HPE Software Depot for details.

Performance comparisons on your workloads can tell you what level of acceleration to expect.

Supported on RHEL 6.5 and all follow-on RHEL 6 releases, RHEL 7.0 and all follow-on RHEL 7 releases, SLES 11sp3 and all follow-on SLES 11 releases, SLES 12 and all follow-on SLES 12 releases

1 Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HPE Integrity MC990XServer shows significant OLTP performance improvement with HPE Application Tuner Express, September 2106. See https://www.hpe.com/h20195/v2/getdocument.aspx?docname=4AA6-7992ENW.

2 HPE internal testing. Performance results with HPE Application Tuner Express (patent pending) on the HPE Integrity Superdome X Server were achieved with one tenant totalling 144 users (4P), two tenants totalling 288 users (8P) and four tenants totalling 576 users (16P) for a 1-to-1 mapping of users to logical CPUs. Configurations that are over-subscribed may show less performance gain. Results as of April 6, 2016.

3 Results from an 8-node machine-learning cluster of 2-socket servers (8 nPars on a 16-socket HPE Integrity Superdome X Server) running the PageRank ML Benchmark with OpenJDK 8, RHEL 7.3. Results obtained on March 17, 2017 in Ft. Collins, CO.

Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
Apache® is a trademark of The Apache Software Foundation.
SAP® is a registered trademark of SAP AG.

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