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HPE Networking Comware Router 10GbE and Combo MSR958X



HPE MSR954 1GbE SFP 2GbE‑WAN 4GbE‑LAN CWv7 Router



HPE Networking Comware Router 1GbE and Combo 2GbE WAN 8GbE LAN PoE MSR958



HPE Networking Comware Router 1GbE and Combo 2GbE WAN 8GbE LAN MSR958



HPE Networking MSR954‑W 1GbE SFP (WW) 2GbE‑WAN 4GbE‑LAN Wireless 802.11n CWv7 Router



What's New

  • Converged high-performance fiber routing, switching, security, and 3 Mpps performance
  • Integrated 1/10GbE, WAN and LAN, fiber (SFP)
  • Integrated 4G LTE, 3G as well as IEEE 802.11b/g/n WLAN in one box
  • Embedded encryption, stateful firewall, NAT, ADVPN security features
  • Unified Comware v7 OS, Comware v7 OS zero-touch solution, and single-pane-of-glass
  • The new HPE Networking Comware Router MSR958X router supports 10GbE ports with Comware v9 OS

Key Features

Reduces Complexity and Simplifies Your Network

The HPE Networking Comware Router Series MSR95x provides a Converged Infrastructure (CI) with integrated routing, switching, security, voice, and cellular WAN delivering high-performance small branch routing.

Makes administration easier when using the HPE Networking Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Software.

Reduces management complexity with zero-touch deployment (ZTD) and Auto Discovery VPN (ADVPN).

Delivers increased flexibility in Comware v7 OS environments across multiple routers.

Enhances Time to Service and Branch Performance

The HPE Networking Comware Router Series MSR95x offers high-performance routing with up to 3 Mpps forwarding.

Simplifies your network with OpenFlow and Zero Touch Provisioning.

Deploys rich features with Comware v7 security, including IPS with high encryption, and dual gigabit WAN ports that support fiber and copper connections.

Supports branch services with a comprehensive feature set, including IPv4 and IPv6 routing, MPLS, QoS, NAT, and VPN services.

Increases Your Return on Your Investment

The HPE Networking Comware Router Series MSR95x offers an extensive range of models and accessories to enable the right design for your business, in a compact fixed-port platform.

Reduces your TCO through open standards, power and space savings, and energy-efficient hardware.

Deploy advanced features with no additional licensing.

Boost Agility and Resiliency.

The HHPE Networking Comware Router Series MSR95x delivers branch service and business continuity with multiple network options including dual gigabit WAN, dual 3G/4G LTE WAN, and built-in WLAN.

With advanced hardware architecture, the HPE Networking Comware Router Series MSR95x provides reliable, high-performance functionality.

Gives you an open standards approach to your network infrastructure.

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