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  • Provides support for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Aruba devices.
  • Identify necessary inventory with map and bill of materials (BOM) software.
  • Identify unwanted network users with Wireless Intrusion Detection (WIDS.
  • Import CAD maps and understand the layout of the network.
  • Leverage the next phase of Cisco device support.

Key Features

Versatile Wireless Management Allows for More Efficient Network Management

The HPE IMC Wireless Services Manager Software manages a multi-vendor wireless environment, from the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Aruba devices to devices from Cisco.

View both basic and extended performance monitoring for online fat access points (APs), fit APs, and clients.

Configure the WLAN network in a step-by-step manner, making network management much easier and faster.

Stay in the know with wireless service alarms, which promptly alert administrators of faults on the network, based on system log entries set via user-defined rules.

Organized Data and Reports Assist in More Effective Network Decision Making

The HPE IMC Wireless Services Manager Software provides reporting capabilities and summarizes performance data in easy-to-read visual graphs and charts.

Obtain a top down view of the network with robust topology management showing a location view of clients and access points (APs).

View real-time client monitoring information, allowing network administrators to see everyone from approved devices to rogue clients.

Detect any unwelcome visitors to the wireless network with the Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) and ensure the right visitors are on the network.

More Effective Networks for Better Coverage and a Better User Experience

The HPE IMC Wireless Services Manager Software helps network administrators optimize their networks through radio frequency (RF) and network planning management.

Use the Radio Frequency Management function to understand what obstacles, such as concrete walls and doors, might serve as barriers to a higher transmission rate.

Have peace of mind with network planning management which helps network administrators select AP models and plan AP deployment by analyzing coverage at specific locations prior to purchase.

Automatically detect which APs are connected to a switch's PoE ports, enabling remote management of those PoE ports.

Brings Initial Integration With Hewlett Packard Enterprise Aruba Devices

The HPE IMC Wireless Services Manager Software receives and displays alerts/events from AirWave.

AirWave is launched when a device managed by AirWave is double-clicked on the IMC topology map.

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