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HPE SN2600B 32Gb 12/4 4-port 16Gb Short Wave SFP+ SAN Extension Switch



HPE SN2600B 32Gb 12/12 Power Pack+ 12-port 16Gb Short Wave SFP+ SAN Extension Switch



What's New

  • Enhanced Replication Connectivity

Key Features

A Purpose-Built Extension Platform for Midrange Storage

The HPE B-series SN2600B SAN Extension Switch is a robust platform for medium-scale, multisite data center environments implementing block, file, and tape data protection solutions.

Build a high-performance infrastructure between data centers for multisite asynchronous and synchronous storage replication with centralized tape backup, recovery, and archiving solutions.

By using WAN-optimized TCP, disk and tape protocol acceleration, and data compression, you can increase replication and backup throughput over distance.

This platform is designed to offer both Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) and IP extension technology and can handle simultaneous replication from Fibre Channel and IP storage arrays to consolidate replication workloads over WAN connections.

With twelve 32 Gb/s capable Fibre Channel ports and six 1/10-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports, this switch provides the bandwidth and throughput required for greater application performance over WAN connections.

Cost-Effective, Scalable, and Flexible SAN Extension

With the HPE B-series SN2600B SAN Extension Switch, organizations can quickly and cost-effectively scale their WAN rate from 1 Gb/s to 2.5Gb/s by purchasing a full configuration with 2.5Gb/s WAN capacity, or pay as you grow with an on-demand upgrade license.

The HPE B-series SN2600B SAN Extension Switch base configuration provides four 32Gb/s-capable Fibre Channel ports and six 1/10GbE ports. Two of the Ethernet ports can be utilized as WAN ports with Adaptive Rate Limiting (ARL) and IPsec.

The on-demand upgrade license enables 8 additional Fibre Channel ports, includes 8-16Gb FC short wave optics, enables 4 additional 1/10GbE WAN ports and includes HPE Power Pack+ Software. The software features include: FC Trunking, Extension Trunking, Fabric Vision, FC Routing, Extended Fabrics.

With a compression ratio of 4 to 1, organizations can scale up to 10Gb/s replication throughput, depending on the type of data and the characteristics of the WAN connection.

Simplified Disaster Recovery and Data Protection

The HPE B-series SN2600B SAN Extension Switch supports simple point-to-point, comprehensive multisite SAN extension and remote offices, offering enterprise-class capabilities for a variety of strategic IT initiatives including demanding disaster recovery requirements.

The HPE B-series SN2600B SAN Extension Switch centralizes backup to consolidate infrastructure and administrative resources.

It is designed with built-in tools to verify the condition of WAN links and network paths, and validate the proper setup of configurations prior to deployment.

Powerful Performance

Supporting up to 250 milliseconds Round-Trip Time (RTT) latency, the HPE SN2600B SAN Extension Switch enables cost-effective extension solutions over distances up to 25,500 kilometers (15,845 miles).1

Leverage TCP Acceleration to help achieve increased replication speeds from storage devices, and WAN-optimized TCP to help ensure in-order, lossless transmission of extension data.

With twelve 32Gbps-capable Fibre Channel ports, six 1/10-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports, and a 2.5Gb/s WAN tunnel, this switch offers the bandwidth and throughput required for greater application performance.

1 Brocade 7810 Extension Switch Product Brief, 2020 - https://docs.broadcom.com/doc/7810-PB

* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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