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HPE StoreEver MSL6480 Command View TL LTU

License for HPE StoreEver MSL6480 Command View for Tape Libraries


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What's New

  • Version 6.4 of Command View for Tape Libraries (CVTL) is now available.

Key Features

Simplified Library Management

HPE Command View for Tape Libraries (CVTL) provides a management platform which allows users to configure, manage and monitor all of their tape libraries through a single console.

The intuitive CVTL dashboard is fully integrated with TapeAssure Advanced and Data Verification Software and presents all of the library, drive and cartridge data pulled from those reports in straightforward graphs and charts.

The CVTL dashboard also includes library partitioning management. Partitioning allows different cartridge slots to be presented to the host as an independent library, and each partition owns independent media and can use alternative ISV software, allowing maximum flexibility and utilization.

Peace of Mind with In-depth Analysis of Tape Environment

HPE StoreEver TapeAssure Advanced is a licensed feature of the HPE StoreEver Management Software solution and generates the analytical reporting that provides users with peace of mind by understanding how their tape environment is performing.

TapeAssure Advanced monitors the health and performance of tape drives and cartridges and the CVTL Dashboard allows users to easily view the results of TapeAssure reports in either a simplified or detailed view.

Pie charts demonstrate the proportion of drives and cartridges that are healthy or are in need of attention and these are categorized into either healthy, warning or critical status based on utilization and performance.

Users can drill down to view the health and performance status of individual drives and cartridges by serial number, which helps to pinpoint exactly where in the library environment issues are occurring or where performance and utilization can be improved.

Proactive Verification of Infrequently Accessed Data

HPE StoreEver Data Verification scans LTO tapes in MSL3040 and MSL6480 tape libraries to verify that critical business data stored on those tapes is healthy and that a successful restore will occur when they are retrieved from archive. This reduces the potential risk of any restore failures.

Data Verification scans run in the background without interrupting host applications and proactively notifies the user if there is a need for data to be migrated.

Data Verification runs in the background without interrupting host applications and proactively notifies the user if there is a need for data to be migrated.

Trial Data Verification for free by protecting 10 active tape cartridges once Command View for Tape Libraries 5.5 has been installed.

Planning for the Future with Predictive Analytics

HPE StoreEver Management Software also enables users to plan ahead by making use of predictive analytics. TapeAssure Advanced uses statistical analysis of performance, health and utilization information to predict future performance of an entire tape infrastructure.

Users can anticipate issues such as hardware failures and potential bottlenecks that could impact the utilization and performance of a tape environment.

Anticipating the likelihood of issues such as hardware failures and system bottlenecks will significantly reduce unscheduled downtime and minimize any risk of losing critical business data.

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