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  • A discreet CPU architecture with a new form factor of rack-mounted servers, different from the previous generations of x86-based NonStop systems.
  • Upgraded microprocessors with Intel® vulnerability mitigations in silicon.
  • Increased raw bandwidth using new InfiniBand (IB) system interconnect technology. Integration with IB delivers almost twice the system interconnect capacity for responding to business growth.2

Key Features

Engineered for the Highest Availability Levels for Business

HPE NonStop NS4 systems are designed for high availability - Availability Level 4 (as defined by IDC) - where business processes are not impacted by component failure, meaning no interruption of work and no degradation in performance.1

The HPE NonStop architecture remains the ideal choice for compute environments that support continuous business for more than four decades, providing unparalleled fault tolerance and reliability.1

The HPE NonStop NS4 x4 system features x86 architecture which divides workloads among independent processors, so you can leverage a proven solution for uninterrupted business that delivers timeless value, and is always-on and always-adapting.

Flexible Capacity in an Entry-Class System with Capacity to Grow with your Business Needs

The HPE NonStop NS4 x4 system can scale to match growing business demands, with the capacity to handle processing-intensive workloads. Available in a two NonStop CPU hardware bundle, the HPE NonStop NS4 system can be expanded up to four NonStop CPUs, each with 64 GB of memory (RAM).

The HPE NonStop NS4 x4 offers 1- or 2-core software licensing options, providing customers with additional choices when planning for future growth. A customer can start with a 1-core software license and easily move to a 2-core with a onetime bump in performance capacity on a running system.

A single HPE NonStop NS4 system (node) can support up to 256 GB of main memory (RAM). With NonStop Expand-over-IP, the NonStop NS4 can be networked with up to 255 nodes. This represents an impressive scale out factor of more than 1,000 CPUs and more than 2,000 cores - supported by ~64 TB of memory.

Customizable, Fully Integrated, Turnkey Solution

The HPE NonStop NS4 x4 System features a customizable I/O in addition to CPU configurations and core licensing choice. The two networking I/O controllers, (IP or Telco CLIMs) and two storage CLIMs can be expanded with an additional two of each.

After placing a customized order with the help of our HPE Solution Architects, your system is built and tested prior to leaving the manufacturing floor. The result is a fully fault tolerant, out-of-the-box platform ready for you on which to install your business and mission critical applications.

The advantage of the NonStop Software Stack

The HPE NonStop NS4 x4 system features the NonStop software stack which includes the NonStop OS and the OSS file system, security, system management, middleware, Java and Java-frameworks, a modern development environment, and one of the most scalable fault-tolerant databases in the world.

The HPE NonStop NS4 x4 system is offered with the L-series version of the NonStop Operating System. This NonStop software stack has been enhanced to fully leverage the x86 architecture and it uses InfiniBand technology to improve software performance throughout the system.

Security and time synchronization software are included with the OS. HPE NonStop SQL/MX and other database products are available on the NS4 with all the features for massive scalability, ANSI/Oracle® compatibility, online DB administration, and end-to-end transactional integrity, among others.

Middleware products and Java/Java-related frameworks are available. The NonStop Development Environment for Eclipse (NSDEE) and compilers are enhanced with x86 architecture in mind. New customers will find NSDEE friendly, and familiar to their application developers.

HPE NonStop is also taking great strides in application modernization with DevOps. NonStop is a flexible and easy modern IT platform for your data center since modern DevOps tools such as Git®, Ansible, and Jenkins can be used to develop applications on NonStop.

1 Source: IDC, Jul 2020, Doc #US46640020, Worldwide AL4 Server Market Shares, 2019

2 Comparison of HPE NonStop NS3 InfiniBand system interconnect raw bandwidth with HPE NonStop NS4 InfiniBand raw bandwidth, HPE internal testing, 2020.

Intel and Intel Xeon Gold are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries. Java and Oracle are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All third-party marks are property of their respective owners.

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