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  • Virtual Gateways now feature expanded performance up to 4 Gbps when connecting to public cloud infrastructure.
  • 9004 Gateway provides SD-WAN and enhanced security capabilities in a compact, cost-effective form factor.
  • SD-WAN security on the 9000 series Gateways is extended to include identity-based attack dection and intrustion prevention system (IDS/IPS).

Key Features

Simplify Quality of Service and Security Policies by Unifying WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN

Aruba SD-WAN Software and Gateways utilize user, device, application, and location context to dynamically apply granular security policies in real-time as devices join the network instead of pre-poulated static network segmentation.

Aruba SD-WAN Software and Gateways tunnel all wired and wireless traffic to the built-in Policy Enforcement Firewall for Layer 7 deep packet inspection and improved policy enforcement.

Unify overall policy management across all branch networks with ClearPass Policy Manager, providing consist network policy at each branch location.

Access to the network and segmentation of traffic is role-based, reducing the need to define static VLANs.

Improve Visibility and Control Over Branches by Integrating SD-WAN

Aruba SD-WAN Software and Gateways help distributed enterprises with multiple WAN connections improve branch connectivity to cloud services and data centers by removing manually-intentensive port-based configurations.

Aruba SD-WAN scalable orchestration automatically creates and optimizes IPsec tunnels between Gateways, building the SD-WAN overlay network. Routes are automatically learned and distributed to all Gateways.

Improve network efficiency with Dynamic Pather Selection (DPS) which chooses the optimal routes based on latency, jitter, packet loss, and throughtput.

Utilize Cloud-based Management to Improve Deployment and Scale

Aruba SD-WAN Software and Gateways come with an installer application that can be used for quick and easy device onboarding at a remote or branch location by non-technical staff. IT can differentiate access levels for network administrators and onsite integrators based on their privileges.

Aruba Central serves as the platform that unifies SD-WAN capabilities with WLAN and LAN. This helps reduce IT operational functions from end-to-end by improving branch-wide visibility through a unified interface.

Use branch templates to distribute policies rapidly across enterprises with multiple locations. IT can also customize rules depending on specific branch requirements.

Improve Branch Security with Identity-based Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention Systems

Aruba SD-WAN Software and Gateways features identity-based IDS/IPS that performs signature- and pattern-based traffic inspection on both the branch office LAN (east-west) traffic as well as the SD-WAN (north-south) traffic flowing through the gateway to deliver embedded in-store network security.

An advanced security dashboard provides IT teams with tools to manage an end-to-end zero trust, edge-to-cloud environment providing network-wide visibility, multi-dimensional threat metrics, threat intelligence data, correlation, and incident management.

Integrate Aruba SD-WAN Software and Gateways with cloud-based firewall services to provide advanced security from multiple vendors including ZScaler, Check Point, and Palo Alto Networks.

* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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