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  • Aerospike has joined the HPE Complete portfolio of partners which brings confidence and convenience to acquiring and deploying complete solutions that combine HPE with industry-leading ISV products.
  • HPE and Aerospike have validated purpose built configurations for Aerospike based on both the high performance HPE Alletra 4110 EDSFF and the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Plus servers.
  • Aerospike SQL Powered by Starburst is a new Aerospike real-time data platform option that enables SQL users and developers to perform SQL analytics insights from real-time data.
  • Aerospike Document Database provides comprehensive JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) document database capabilities including storing, processing, and querying JSON document data in real-time.
  • Aerospike Connect for Elasticsearch enables developers and data architects to leverage Elasticsearch, a popular open-source search and analytics technology.

Key Features

Unlimited Scale

HPE Solutions with Aerospike allows you to scale from gigabytes to petabytes, without performance degradation of latency or throughput. Performance is predictable because it is linear across scale.

There is no need to re-program to account for scale concerns: you can develop on your desktop, take the same code and deploy it to the datacenter. Given the robustness of the platform, there is no need to create workarounds for operational issues.

Solutions can start very small, and scale to petabytes

Low Latency

HPE Solutions with Aerospike delivers sub-millisecond latency for the day’s first transaction to the billionth—and beyond.

Same low latency from gigabytes to petabytes.

Predictable latency across multiple use cases.

Low latency for billions of database transactions a day.

Industry-Leading Uptime

HPE Solutions with Aerospike provides industry leading availability, with globally distributed and strongly consistent data.

The uptime allows resources to be deployed on more strategic work.

Aerospike customers have benefited from zero downtime for more than a decade.

Avoid severity-level-one warnings.

Reduce Costs, Grow Business.

HPE Solutions with Aerospike allows you to reduce costs while growing your business—regardless of industry and decreasing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Customers significantly reduce their server or cloud instance footprints.

Customers typically experience significant annual data growth which magnifies the benefits of the solutions minimal footprint requirements.

* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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