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  • Switches bundled with 8 active ports and 8 16Gb or 32Gb short-wave optics as well as 24 active port Power Pack Plus models with 24 16Gb or 32Gb SW optics. The new models include a lifetime warranty.
  • Port-on-demand (POD) kits includes an upgrade license, activating 8 ports, and 8 Fibre Channel optics. The POD kits are available with 8 16Gb or 8 32Gb SW optics.

Key Features

32 Gb FC Gen6 Affordability Without Compromise in Functionality

The HPE Storage Fibre Channel Switch B-series SN3600B delivers exceptional price-performance in an entry-level Gen6 FC switch.

Configurable with 16Gb FC SFP+ or 32Gb FC SFP+ optics to accommodate a customer’s budget while being fully prepared for tomorrow.

Start with 8-port and easily scale to 24-port with 8-port POD or POD kits as business adapts to SAN growth.

Flash-ready Performance

The HPE Storage Fibre Channel Switch B-series SN3600B provides market-leading Gen6 32Gb throughput and low latency in an affordable 1U form factor.

Delivers increased performance with an aggregate bandwidth of 768Gbps for growing and dynamic workloads.

Latency for locally switched ports is reduced to 900 nanoseconds (including FEC) using cut-through switching at 32Gbps ready for latency-sensitive applications.

Augment with ISL trunking to provide more effective load balancing in certain configurations.

Integrates with flash storage fabrics that utilize NVMe over FC for latency sensitive applications and greater throughput.

Operational Simplicity

The HPE Storage Fibre Channel Switch B-series SN3600B can easily be installed and configured and simplifies SAN configuration in an easy 3-step process.

Integrates with HPE Smart SAN for HPE 3PAR to simplify all-flash storage SAN deployments through automated SAN orchestration (SAN zoning) from hours to minutes.

Easily validate infrastructure configurations, at the physical-level, with ClearLink Diagnostics before deploying the SAN into production.

Monitor and analyze virtual machine (VM) performance using Fabric Vision VM Insight, a feature of HPE B-series Fabric Vision Software, to quickly identify abnormal VM behaviors to maintain performance service levels.

Supports HPE Power Pack+ software so that the SAN is healthy, easier to troubleshoot, and operating at peak performance.

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