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  • Each HPE Apollo f8000 rack supports an integrated 1GbE switch with up to 160 ports for simplified cabling and management connectivity.

Key Features

Get More Performance in a Smaller Footprint

With a standard rack footprint of 24 inches x 48 inches, the HPE Apollo f8000 Rack can pack up to 288 processors, or up to 144 accelerators per rack, about 4x the density of a common high performance computing (HPC) server rack.

By integrating eight high-speed FDR InfiniBand switches (18 downlinks and 18 uplinks) and connectivity via mid-planes within the rack, the HPE Apollo f8000 Rack consolidates connections, and uses about half the cables of a traditional rack.

On the Ethernet side, each HPE Apollo f8000 rack supports an integrated 1GbE switch with up to 160 ports for simplified cabling and management connectivity.

Scale out as needed to meet ever growing HPC demands - one HPE Apollo 8000 Intelligent Cooling Distribution Unit (iCDU) Rack supports up to four HPE Apollo f8000 Rack enclosures.

Save Energy, Time and Money

The HPE Apollo f8000 Rack has power densities up to 80 kW/area for your supercomputing needs. Hot-plug 10 kW power rectifiers are located inside a utility module at the center of the rack.

The HPE Apollo f8000 racks are equipped with eight 10 kW high-voltage AC/DC rectifiers, accepting a voltage input of 380–480 VAC supporting both North American and International standards.

Inside the rack, the power is distributed at 360 VDC to the servers, where a step down DC/DC transformer supplies lower-voltage power to the motherboards.

In addition to operational savings, having fewer components in the transmission chain results in significant savings for the data center infrastructure, requiring less wiring, fewer breakers and distribution panels, and lower labor installation costs.

Efficient Liquid Cooling Without the Risk

The HPE Apollo f8000 Rack has water coming into the rack is distributed through manifolds that split out to thermal bus bars. Within each thermal bus bar, water is distributed in parallel to sections of the dry disconnect server trays.

The flow from the thermal bus bars is combined into one output flow per water wall, with 8 water walls combining into 1 output per rack with isolation valves.

Water isolation, control valves, and smart sensors in the HPE Apollo f8000 rack, along with the Intelligent Cooling Distribution Unit, keep the system resilient and as easy to service as an air cooled system.

Consolidated Management for Optimum Performance and Efficiency

The HPE Apollo f8000 Rack can be monitored and controlled using the HPE Apollo 8000 System Manager. The HPE System Manager enables rack-level iLO network consolidation while significantly reducing cables.

Smart sensors automatically track activities, dynamically adjusting system components to enhance system performance and energy efficiency, while reducing operating expenses.

By coupling smart sensors data with HPE iLO, HPE Advanced Power Management, and or an HPC center scheduler, you can create new optimization algorithms to get the most out of your HPE Apollo 8000 System.

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