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What's New

  • Reduced VPN setup and management time.
  • VPN performance monitoring.
  • Comprehensive DVPN deployment and management.

Key Features

Deploy VPNs with Ease

HPE IMC IPSec/VPN Manager (IVM) Software provides auto-discovery and a creation wizard to reduce IPSec VPN creation and management. The wizards help administrators simply and quickly deploy even the most complicated VPN network thereby reducing configuration load and decreasing maintenance costs.

IMC IVM Software accelerates dynamic VPN (DVPN) setup by allowing you to deploy DVPN configuration rules to multiple routers simultaneously. You can also auto-discover an existing DVPN configuration in routers and create a DVPN domain based on the discovery result.

Simplifies Management of Dynamic VPN

HPE IMC IPSec/VPN Manager (IVM) Software provides comprehensive audit capabilities so that you can determine consistency with router configurations and what is set in IVM. You can also audit the DVPN tunnels to determine whether a specific DVPN tunnel is connected.

You can determine the performance of the VPN with IMC IVM Software through the available historic and real-time status monitoring and alerting. You can quickly identify equipment faults or areas where data packet loss occurs.

IMC IVM Software allows you to view your VPN deployments, which are automatically discovered, with a topology view. Administrators can view the VPN deployment, see performance metrics of the device or tunnels, and quickly access configurations from the topology.

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