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  • Added 3 new electronic licenses for HPE B-series SAN Network Advisor Software
  • Part number changed for the existing physical licenses

Key Features

Simplified Network Management

HPE B-series SAN Network Advisor Software and HPE B-series Data Center Fabric Manager Software present an at-a-glance summary of all discovered B-series devices, including inventory and event summary information used to identify problem areas and help prevent network downtime.

Features a very fine-grain Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) mechanism that gives different network administrators complete control over their environments. All actions are audited, so organizations can examine historical logs to see which administrator made what change—and when the change was made.

Utilizes an easy-to-use device configuration wizard to configure and manage dynamically updated groups of devices. Using this feature, network administrators can manage software images and perform multi-switch management.

Designed to Support High Availability Networking

HPE B-series SAN Network Advisor Software and HPE B-series Data Center Fabric Manager Software help you reduce network downtime through capabilities such as real-time and historical performance monitoring, traffic analysis, fault isolation, change management, and policy-driven remedial actions.

Proactive alerts with real-time logging, diagnostic, and fault isolation capabilities help resolve issues before they impact service level agreements (SLAs).

Tracks device configuration changes through the integrated Change Manager, which enables viewing, retrieval, and restoration of configuration files and monitoring of configuration drift for troubleshooting purposes. Configuration backups can be performed manually or scheduled to run automatically.

Automatically collects diagnostic information in response to predefined and user-defined events, and sends notifications to technical support organizations for faster fault diagnosis, isolation, and remote support operations.

Improved Application Performance

HPE B-series SAN Network Advisor Software and HPE B-series Data Center Fabric Manager Software proactively monitor, troubleshoot, diagnose, and provide event notification regarding critical health information at varying levels of detail.

Collect and display performance statistics in real-time and utilize historical views for proactive problem determination.

Configure Quality of Service (QoS) priorities to improve the performance of applications running on physical and virtual servers.

Flexible Network Management Platform

Scales from small network islands to large, geographically dispersed networks. Organizations can reduce operational expenditures by leveraging the same management solution across different environments, including data center, enterprise campus, and service provider networks.

Provides comprehensive management of data center fabrics, including configuration, monitoring, and management of B-series Directors, Switches, and HBAs.

Offers open, standards-based interfaces and provides deep integration with HPE Storage Essentials for network monitoring, virtualization, wireless, and security solutions.

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