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  • Significantly lower your IT expenditure with Meter-based Term licenses by purchasing software only for the period you use them

Effectively Manage your HPE XP P9500 Storage resources

Make most effective use of your HPE XP P9500 Storage by using HPE XP P9000 Array Manager Software to configure and manage data volumes. Create LUNs, create expanded LUNs, create small custom size volumes, configure ports, and add or delete host I/O paths.

Efficiently manage HPE XP P9000 Continuous Access and HPE XP P9000 Business Copy volumes with a host-based command line interface. Additionally, you can use the command line interface to configure and manage read-only and archive volumes.

Improve file access times and accelerate data transfers by reserving areas of cache to store frequently accessed information. Assigning data to on-board cache improves performance because cache-resident data is available at host data transfer speeds for both read and write operations.

Configure your HPE XP P9500 Storage per your business demands

Rest easy knowing that the critical applications have the resources required to deliver the expected performance.

Minimize risk of unauthorized access to your online data using HPE XP P9000 Array Manager Software to configure, manage and secure all host accesses to the HPE XP P9500 Storage.

Protect critical data for archiving or data retention purposes. Create read-only volumes, prevent data replication, control read and write access, and protect data sets from query/IO scan/file system inquiry operations.

Save Time by Automating Routine Tasks

Save time and reduce errors by automating array configuration and management tasks using the Command Line Interface (CLI) and scripts. Interface with SRM software platforms using the SMI-S provider.

Protect your information at the end of its lifecycle by securely deleting it. Based on DoD5220.22-M, the standard defined by the U.S. Department of Defense, XP P9000 Array Manager Software allows you to completely delete data on specified volume by repeatedly overwriting the volume with dummy data.

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