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  • Significantly lower your IT expenditure with Meter-based Term licenses by purchasing software only for the period you use them

Achieve Desired Application Performance with Lower Costs

Achieve lower response time for heavily accessed data and significant improve performance of I/O intensive applications.

Enhance the performance of your virtualized (thin provisioned) storage and achieve superior performance at lower costs.

Better Utilization of Storage Media Resources

Utilize different types of storage media (SSD, 15K SAS, 7.2K SAS) optimally.

Page movements across tiers enables the most effective utilization of expensive tiers such as SSD.

Save money with fewer rotating disks through fewer cabinets, less floor space, less power and cooling.

Automatic or Manual Tier Relocation of Thin Provisioning Pages

Retain good performance even in peak load conditions with dynamic rule-based tier relocation.

Relocate data from a slow tier to a fast tier at a page level instead of at a LUN level resulting in finer control of data movement and better performance.

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