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  • HPE XP Tiered Storage Manager Software is now available for the HPE XP20000 Disk Array.

Web-Scale Simplicity and Efficiency

The flexible, resilient, and on-demand web-scale benefits pioneered by hyperscalers such as Google are now available to enterprises with Cohesity DataPlatform. The solution eliminates unnecessary data silos and spans workloads as it converges secondary data on a single platform.

Migrate data without disrupting user applications

Match quality of service requirements to data storage attributes - meets user needs for tiered storage of aging data over long periods of time

Save time by grouping volumes that have similar storage requirements and performing operations on the group rather than dealing with each volume individually

Easy, Cloud-Ready Deployment

Take advantage of public cloud elasticity and economics using policy-based automation for archiving, tiering, and replication to the cloud. Move virtual machines (VMs) to the cloud for test/dev and then back again when ready.

Convenient Graphical User Interface saves you time when setting up groups and tiers of storage

Flexibility to meet changing user needs

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Cohesity DataPlatform is powered by a patented distributed file system architecture, making it much more than a modern converged target for backup data. It can be used to recover applications instantly from any point in time to meet business SLAs.

Native applications also simplify file data search, speed eDiscovery, and streamline compliance. Built to support an API-first approach, Cohesity DataPlatform integrates with leading automation solutions and custom business scripts to increase operational efficiency.

Ensure data resiliency with strict consistency across nodes within a cluster, ensuring that reads always return the most recent data. Two node and two disk failure tolerance support.

Flexible deployment options for on-premises, public cloud, virtual infrastructure and edge sites.

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