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  • Ability to retain media as an attribute, while subscribing to HPE GreenLake for Block Storage.
  • General purpose tier, for mix of primary and secondary workloads. Get moving quickly and easily with self-service quoting and ordering. Four key service parameters for your desired SLA.
  • Transform from LUN-centric to AI-driven, app-centric storage provisioning with no storage expertise required, and no more guesswork.
  • Unified cloud management enables you to globally manage and monitor your entire fleet of block storage from a single SaaS-based cloud console that’s accessible from any location, on any device.
  • Say goodbye to endless firefighting thanks to industry-leading AI Ops for infrastructure that drives autonomous operations and helps ensure your apps are always on and always fast.
  • Help ensure quality of service for your mission-critical apps by setting priorities on a specific volume or application group that ensure performance expectations are always met.

Key Features

Go Faster with Self-Service Agility

HPE GreenLake for Block Storage simplifies on premises storage with the speed and agility of a cloud operational experience. This makes underlying infrastructure invisible while shifting operations to be app, not infrastructure, centric.

Unlike the traditional storage management common to other storage as-a-service options, with HPE GreenLake for Block Storage, line of business and DB admins can easily procure and provision storage to accelerate app deployment—freeing up IT resources to work on strategic, higher-value initiatives.

Accelerate storage provisioning with intent-based provisioning. Just select the storage tier and workload type, specify the capacity and protection policy, and let AI-driven intelligence automatically optimize your SLAs by recommending the best-suited system across your fleet for your new workload.

Intent-based Provisioning, combined with role-based access control, gives you a true self-service cloud provisioning experience, without the need for storage expertise. Enable line of business and app owners to deploy apps faster by slashing storage provisioning time from days or weeks to minutes.

With intelligent quality of service (QoS) for critical workloads you can set priorities on a specific volume or application group that ensure performance expectations are always met. In the event of resource contention, volumes with the lowest priority are capped.

Consume as a Service

Shift from owning and maintaining data infrastructure to simply accessing and utilizing it. A flexible as-a-service consumption model enables you to avoid over- and under-provisioning concerns, CAPEX budget constraints, and complex procurement cycles.

Get started quickly with self-service configuring, quoting and ordering. Modify all aspects of solution to meet requirements; including not only all hardware options and usable capacity, but also data availability, performance levels and length of subscription term.

Scale on-demand and as necessary, with buffer capacity for unexpected workloads or usage demands.

Shift from heavy upfront costs to a transparent and predictable monthly subscription.

Consuming as a service shortens project deployment times, frees up capital and IT resources, aligns spending with business needs, and boosts financial flexibility and operational speed.

Run any Application Without Compromise

Meet your desired SLA with mission-critical, business-critical, and general-purpose block storage tiers—with the highest levels of availability and ultra-fast performance.

HPE GreenLake for Block Storage provides 100% availability guaranteed1 for mission-critical applications and an industry-leading 99.9999% uptime2 for all other workloads versus the typical 99.99% offered by competitive storage offerings.

Accelerate mission-critical apps with an all-NVMe mission-critical storage service featuring predictable high-performance, ultra-low latency and 100% availability guaranteed 1.

Harness maximum efficiency for business-critical apps with a best price performance business-critical storage service—designed for fast, reliable data access and 99.9999% measured2.

Leverage a cost-optimized storage service for general-purpose workloads—with flexible scale and no more tuning, trade-offs, or wasted resources.

1 100% availability guarantee: https://www.hpe.com/psnow/doc/a00058506enw?from=app§ion=search&isFutureVersion=true

2 99.9999% uptime : https://www.hpe.com/psnow/doc/a00058506enw?from=app§ion=search&isFutureVersion=true

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