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HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Analytics for Apache Spark 4‑year 24x7 E‑LTU



HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Analytics for Apache Spark 5‑year 24x7 E‑LTU



HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Analytics for Apache Spark 3‑year 24x7 E‑LTU



HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Analytics Premium Package 2‑year 24x7 E‑LTU



HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Analytics Premium Package 3‑year 24x7 E‑LTU



HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Analytics Premium Package E‑LTU



HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Converged Event Streams E‑LTU



HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Converged Apache Spark E‑LTU



HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric File Store for SSD and HDD E‑LTU



HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Analytics for Apache Spark E‑LTU


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What's New

  • Hybrid data lakehouse bridges silos to provide seamless access to data in its native format, for faster AI and analytics.
  • Global namespace acts as an index for data to provide a single, unified way to access and search for data no matter where it's located in the world.
  • Effortlessly ingest external data from NFS, S3, and Apache Iceberg into the data lakehouse for richer analytics and AI data pipelines.
  • Unified security gives you one central control panel to manage everything, so you can focus on your business, not worrying about data breaches.
  • Get the most out of your data! HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric automatically scales, saving you time and effort for seamless AI and analytics.

Key Features

Hybrid Data Plane

Provides federated data layer and unified control of hybrid multicloud environments

Accelerates insights by combining files, objects, binary tables, and streaming data into a single source free of duplicates

Abstracts data from the storage protocol enabling Big Data estates, cloud-based lakes and warehouses, Apache Spark, streaming, and table-based data to be seamlessly accessible and visible from a single user interface

Potential cost savings in software licensing, support, and infrastructure

Seamless Data Access

The built-in global namespace provides a single point of data access, allowing users and applications to see all available data, a consistent access point that allows users and applications to see all data fabrics and their linked volumes, buckets, and topics

Provides single-click visibility and direct access to global data from any location

Data Management Made Simple

The user interface is easy to understand and operate without extensive instruction.

Point-and-click management simplifies the creation of data fabrics, volumes, buckets and topics through an intuitive wizard, while background processes handle the creation and configuration of all components.

The software provides self-service data fabric and component creation without IT intervention.

Built for Hybrid Deployments

Data is stored once and can be accessed from anywhere using any industry-standard protocol.

Built-in mirroring synchronizes data across locations, reducing cloud costs, latency, and performance issues.

Single user interface sets up and configures data management, security, and sovereignty across multiple locations.

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