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E-LTU de 1 ano do EV8 gateway virtual CTERA de 8 TB para 1 a 100 usuários


E-LTU de 1 ano de 8 TB para 1 a 100 usuários do EV8 gateway virtual CTERA Premium


E-LTU de 1 ano do EV16 gateway virtual CTERA Premium de 16 TB para 1 a 500 usuários


E-LTU de 1 ano do portal CTERA Premium por cliente


Serviço de instalação remota do portal CTERA


E-LTU de 1 ano de 32 TB para 1 a 1000 usuários do EV32 gateway virtual CTERA Premium


1 ano de suporte para CTERA Enterprise


Serviço de instalação no local do gateway CTERA


1 dia do CTERA Professional Service


E-LTU de 1 ano de backup do Windows Server e Linux do CTERA Premium Drive Server


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O que há de novo?

  • CTERA Insight provides complete, real-time monitoring, analysis, and management of a CTERA environment to provide full visibility and control over unstructured data across distributed enterprises.
  • Complete integration with HPE Nimble Storage dHCI and HPE SimpliVity, unlocking new file use cases for hyperconverged infrastructure.
  • Ultra-fast edge-to-cloud transfer protocol that synchronizes data at a throughput of over 30 TB/day per site with minimal sensitivity to network latency.
  • Built-in migration that enables automated data discovery and import from NAS systems such as NetApp and Dell EMC, r with full perseveration of folder structure and permissions.
  • DevOps tools that enable organizations to automate their file services deployments with just a few lines of code.
  • Updated configuration guide providing guidance on how to configure the supported hardware components for an HPE Complete approved CTERA Edge Filer solution.

Principais recursos

Remote Office and Branch Office (ROBO) Modernization | File Server Replacement

Powerful cloud-enabled edge filers that replace traditional NAS and file servers at remote locations and enable distributed enterprises to tier data to low-cost cloud and object storage.

A complete suite of enterprise file services from edge to cloud, including file storage and collaboration, backup and disaster recovery, and advanced cloud caching.

Multi-site file sharing and collaboration across a global namespace, traditional ROBO IT storage silos of data are decreased.

Dramatic ROBO infrastructure consolidation and increased ease of management and savings.

Built-in cloud failover, allowing IT admins to easily overcome hardware failures and drive user productivity.

Hyperconverged File Services

CTERA and HPE bring the benefits of cloud data management to hyperconverged environments, simplifying edge computing and global file services for distributed enterprises.

The CTERA Cloud Service for HPE SimpliVity Edge Filer delivers a fast, secure, and efficient hyperconverged based solution to consolidate a wide range of edge IT infrastructure and to power enterprise file services from edge to cloud.

CTERA File for HPE Nimble Storage dHCI powers core/data center file use cases, including NAS replacement/modernization; edge data processing; and data protection.

Together CTERA and HPE HCI solutions provide an all-in-one edge storage and compute platform for running virtualized local workloads while enabling dramatic improvements for file access from edge to cloud.

CTERA and HPE HCI solutions dramatically reduce costs through infrastructure consolidation and hyperscale cloud object storage.

Remote Workforce Enablement

CTERA and HPE extend your corporate file system to users working anyplace and empowers them to be highly productive through familiar SMB/CIFS protocols.

CTERA’s edge filers and endpoint clients connect any number of remote sites and users to a global file system powered by your existing storage infrastructure.

Ensure distributed users stay connected through CTERA's CTERA’s highly optimized data transfer protocol. Help users overcome the last stage of connectivity, reducing WAN traffic to make work from home users feel as though they were in the office.

Maintain your existing security model. Keep your firewall and protect data moving from edge to cloud. Learn why CTERA is trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense and other security-focused organizations.

Private File Sharing and Collaboration

CTERA Drive Share allows enterprise and service provider organizations to deliver modern content collaboration services within the confines of their firewall.

Users can access their files from any device via software clients, mobile apps, and web browsers. Additionally, users can share files ad-hoc and in project teams, synchronize folders between multiple devices, and synchronize the cloud.

CTERA Drive Share eliminates the data privacy and governance concerns associated with public SaaS file sharing solutions.

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