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HPE SN1610Q 32Gb 2‑port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter


* s DPH
As low as0/mo with HPEFS

HPE SN1610Q 32Gb 1‑port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter



What's New

  • NVMe protocol
  • Hardware root of trust
  • Improve bandwidth, latency, and I/O performance

Key Features

32 Gb High Performance Bandwidth, Lower Latency, and Higher Number of I/Os

HPE SN1610Q 32Gb Fibre Channel HBA offers higher bandwidth than older HBAs to allow for faster travel from source to destination targets.

Lower latency enables the transition from one action to the next action transaction. With 32,000,000,000 (billion) bits traveling per second, even small improvements to latency can have large impacts at scale.

Performance up to 2 million IOPS.

Database and Data-Intensive Applications Improved Performance with Fibre Channel.

Fibre Channel is designed to support block-based data structures found in most databases and their associated applications — enterprise resource planning (ERP), reservation systems, financial and insurance, medical, and large virtual server deployments.

The adapter improves database transactional performance, enables faster business decisions with better data mining, and hosts more VMs.

The newer NVMe protocol strips away many of the older, unused SCSI commands and builds a more memory-friendly protocol (think storage arrays with SSDs) offering much lower latency and quicker responses to data transactions

Lower Total Cost of Ownership and Investment Protection

Migrating from 16 Gb HBAs reduces cabling and power consumption while improving overall performance.

SAN design allows component generations to be mixed, meaning older and newer products are automatically supported. If an end-to-end SAN upgrade is not possible, it is possible to upgrade different portions of the SAN to match budgets.

SAN design supports two generations forward compatibility: 32 Gb HBA today would function properly with 64 Gb and 128 Gb components in the future. Future deployments could place high I/O functions on faster-performing products while leaving-lower performing functions on lower-performing products.

Fibre Channel Remains the Most Secure Protocol for Transporting Data

Designed to only transmit data to other Fibre Channel devices on a SAN, the protocol excludes IP addresses removing access from outside entities and vulnerabilities.

Hardware root of trust is built into the HPE SN1610Q 32Gb Fibre Channel HBA  that prevents unsigned firmware from being downloaded into the adapter making sure that only secure firmware is downloaded.

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