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  • Transform from LUN-centric to AI-driven, app centric storage provisioning. No storage expertise required, and no more guesswork.
  • Unified cloud management enables you to globally manage and monitor your entire fleet of block storage from a single SaaS-based cloud console that’s accessible from any location, on any device.
  • Independently scale capacity and performance – for more efficiency and lower costs. Start small, scale big – without disruption.
  • Accelerate mission-critical apps with all-NVMe mission-critical storage delivering predictable high-performance, and ultra low latency.
  • Designed for extreme availability requirements with 100% availability guaranteed1 as a standard benefit without requiring a special contract.
  • Say goodbye to endless firefighting thanks to industry-leading AI Ops for infrastructure that drives autonomous operations and helps ensure your apps are always on and always fast.

Key Features

Simplify Management with an Intuitive Cloud Experience on Prem

Simplify operations and move faster with a cloud operational experience: Reduce on-premises storage complexity across the lifecycle— from install to upgrade — with an AI-driven cloud operational experience powered by the HPE GreenLake Edge to Cloud Platform.

Simplified deployment: Get started in minutes with streamlined device deployment. Simply rack the infrastructure, plug in the power cords, and connect the network cables. With a few clicks, the new system is configured and available in your fleet, ready to serve data for application workloads.

Deploy apps faster: Automate app deployment with intent-based provisioning. Select the storage tier, workload type, capacity and protection policy, and let AI-driven intelligence automatically optimize your SLAs by recommending the best-suited system across your fleet for your new workload.

Unified storage management: 100% cloud-managed infrastructure means you can manage, monitor and protect your global storage environment from a single cloud console that’s accessible from any location, on any device - so managing hundreds of systems across geographies is as simple as managing one.

Invisible upgrades: Thanks to SaaS-based delivery, new data services instantly become available to you. Data plane software upgrades are non-disruptive and intelligently matched to a given system.

Better Performance, Better Economics with Disaggregated, Scale out Storage

Scale without limitations: Scale capacity and performance independently with disaggregated, scale-out storage – for greater efficiency and lower costs. Fine-tune, adapt and elastically scale your storage environments in line with workload requirements and evolving business needs.

Start small, scale big: Start small with cost-efficient two-node entry level configurations. Scale-up and scale-out to multi-node configurations with granular performance and capacity upgrades.

Non-disruptive upgrades: Maximize ROI with on-line, non-disruptive, data-in-place upgrades without repurchasing existing storage.

Run any app – Without Compromise with a 100% Data Availability Guarantee

Get peace of mind with 100% data availability guaranteed1: Built on an AI-driven, disaggregated, no single point of failure platform to guarantee resilient 100% data availability for your mission-critical apps.

Advanced DR and HA: Meet any recovery-point objective (RPO) and recovery-time objective (RTO) strategy with transparent business continuity and automatic fail-over across multiple sites, as well as getting simple and efficient hybrid cloud data protection for on-prem and cloud native workloads.

Accelerate your most demanding applications: Built on a unique, massively parallel, multi-node, and all-active platform, HPE GreenLake for Block Storage consolidates traditional and next-generation mission-critical applications at scale with predictable performance and ultra-low latency.

Industry’s most advanced AI-Ops: Predict and prevent disruptions before they occur across the stack and pinpoint issues between storage and VMs and under-utilized resources. Take the guesswork out of managing storage with AI-driven recommendations that improve performance and availability.

Transformed support experience: Eliminate time-consuming, frustrating escalations via predictive support automation and direct access to the experts and resources you need.

1 100% Data Availability Guarantee:https://www.hpe.com/psnow/doc/a00058506enw

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