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  • Provides a unified operating model (AOS-CX) from wired campus networks to emerging edge and distributed 10/25/40/100GbE connected data centers, server racks and wiring closets.
  • Supports API-driven based, software-defined orchestration with Aruba Fabric Composer.
  • Supports MACsec to enable secured 10 and 25GbE connectivity in untrusted environments.
  • Intelligent monitoring and visibility with Aruba Network Analytics Engine.
  • High availability with VSX redundancy, and redundant power supplies and fans.
  • Advanced Layer 2/3 feature set includes BGP, OSPF, VRF, VxLAN, RoCEv2, and IPv6 at no additional software license cost.

Key Features

High-speed Fully Distributed Architecture

The Aruba CX 8360 Switch Series offers multi-terabit switching capacity with line rate Gigabit Ethernet to meet the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications.

Wire speed, line rate connectivity, and flexibility for 1/10/25GbE (SFP/SFP+/SFP28) and 40/100 GbE (QSFP+/QSFP28) featured in a compact 1U form factor.

4x10Gbps and 4x25Gbps break out from 40/100G ports offers advanced flexibility in connectivity and aggregation.

MACsec support enables secured connectivity at 10 and 25GbE speeds in untrusted environments.

Investment protection allows customers to migrate from older 1GbE/10GbE to faster 25GbE, or 10GbE/40GbE uplinks to 100GbE ports.

Simplified IT Operations

The Aruba CX 8360 Switch Series simplifies network design and operations for both campus and emerging enterprise edge data centers by offering a consistent, cloud-native architecture and operating model that spans switching platforms and deployment domains.

Aruba AOS-CX end-to-end operating system enables a consistent operator experience across the network with full automation, security, and visibility. Tight integration into other 3rd party management stacks (HCI and Virtualized) for a seamless configuration and operational experience.

Aruba AOS-CX provides an always-on, resilient network operating system and infrastructure that automatically isolates software failures and provides for non-disruptive recovery.

Aruba Virtual Switching Extension (VSX) provides a redundant architecture in both hardware and software to facilitate no downtime—even during upgrades—across campus and data center networks.

Accelerated Service Provisioning

The Aruba CX 8360 Switch Series speeds infrastructure provisioning with software-defined fabric automation and orchestration.

REST APIs and Python scripting provide fine-grained programmability. Microservices architecture enables full integration with other workflow systems and services.

Aruba NetEdit empowers IT teams to orchestrate configuration changes across multiple switches using intelligent automation and analytics, verifying service rollouts are consistent, conformant, and error-free.

Supports API-driven based, software-defined orchestration with Aruba Fabric Composer to simplify and accelerates leaf-spine network fabric provisioning across rack-scale compute and storage infrastructure.

Increased Visibility and Control

The Aruba CX 8360 Switch Series provides real-time, network-wide visibility with analytics in every switch. Troubleshoot and fix problems faster with Aruba IOPs by automatically detecting and dynamically solving network issues before your business is impacted.

Integrated Network Analytics Engine (NAE) performs intelligent monitoring, detects problems in real time, and analyzes trends to help predict or even avoid future security and performance issues.

Support for VMware® NSX seamlessly bridges physical and virtual infrastructure, delivering unprecedented performance, agility, and security for data center networks.

When used with Aruba Fabric Composer, administrators gain end-to-end network visibility between virtual machines, port groups, vSwitches, physical NICs, and how they are all connected to Aruba CX switch ports. This greatly simplifies troubleshooting of connectivity and performance problems.

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