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What's New

  • Device Management Support for the new EVA6400 and EVA8400 Disk Arrays
  • Command View supports the EVA feature of support for MPX200 FCoE protocol enabling EVA controllers to be presented as FCoE targets
  • A single SKU to manage, replicate and optimize EVA using the attractively priced software bundle of Command View, Business Copy and Dynamic Capacity manager
  • Command View support for exchange based routing
  • Storage Essentials Performance Edition that provides enhanced performance management of the EVA array
  • Command View support on Windows Server 2008 R2

Key Features

Reduce IT Costs and Management Complexity

Comprehensive software suite includes everything needed for managing an EVA from provisioning data quickly, to adjusting LUNs, and creating Vdisks and RAID groups with just a few mouse clicks.

Flexible connectivity with expanded multi-SAN discovery increases value and lowers management costs compared to managing traditional arrays. Software includes a powerful scripting utility for documenting and automating EVA configuration tasks.

Provides lower management costs compared to managing traditional arrays.

Server-Based management or Array-Based management with the EVA4400.

Easily Provision your EVA Storage and Replicate your Data

Quick and easy addition of physical disk drives containing exact capacity for immediate use.

Easily create Vdisks and add capacity without downtime.

Dynamically grow and shrink LUNs without application downtime.

Replicate data by instantly creating snapshots for immediate application usage.

Industry-Leading Security Features

Two levels of access Administrator (read/write) and User (read only).

Audit logging support for user actions and events that change system state.

LUN security for protection against unauthorized storage access.

* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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