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Qualcomm X100 5G RAN GNSS Accelerator for HPE



Qualcomm X100 5G RAN Accelerator for HPE



What's New

  • Integrated beamforming processing is incorporated to improve signal strength and decrease interference, resulting in an overall enhancement of network efficiency.
  • Three-sector Massive MIMO technology with 64 transmit and receive channels, increases network capacity and readies the infrastructure for future high-capacity, low-latency workloads.
  • Upgradable architecture for L1 software enables compatibility with upcoming 3GPP release features, facilitating rapid deployment, and ultimately extending the platform's lifespan.

Key Features

High-Performance and Power Efficient

The Qualcomm Accelerators for HPE delivers high performance by offloading server CPUs from compute-intensive 5G baseband processing.

Lower TCO by reducing power consumption and decreasing the number of CPUs and cores required for ideal performance.

Improve energy efficiency by installing up to three of these PCIe accelerators (each consuming 35 watts of power) in an HPE ProLiant DL110 Gen11.

O-RAN Compliant Design with Architectures Flexibility

Qualcomm Accelerators for HPE support a range of baseband function split options, including all 7.x split functions and future split options (e.g., 7.3).

Integrated NIC for Fronthaul with low-PHY functions.

Provide deployment flexibility and facilitate scalable and cost-effective 5G RAN networks spanning mmWave and sub-6 GHz.

Upgradable architecture of L1 software enables rapid rollout of future 3GPP release features, extends platform lifespan, and helps reduce total cost of ownership.

5G RAN Turnkey Solution

Qualcomm Accelerators for HPE improve user experiences by helping virtualized and open RAN platforms to support the high-capacity and low-latency workloads of future networks.

Beamforming processing improves signal transmission and reception to better support simultaneous Massive MIMO 64T64R sectors.

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