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Bring a Stronger Mission-Critical Data Fabric to your Cloud Native and Linux Applications

HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition is providing a new way for applications to adopt the renowned Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop technology that has been used for 40 years in key infrastructures of the world such as ATMs, credit card payments, or car manufacturing.

HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition is a turnkey database software bundle that brings the simplicity and agility of the public cloud experience on your premises combined with the solidity of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop technology to keep your data always safe and available.

Applications can adopt the Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop technology without moving away from their existing ecosystem by just using standard APIs for data access and cloud-based APIs for database management.

Using multi-tenancy, applications can reduce their time to market and be consolidated for reduced license and maintenance costs while at the same time leverage the distributed SQL capability to address low latency and specific country regulations that cannot be addressed by the public cloud.

Database Higher Availability Versus Assembled Clusters

HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition leverages Hewlett Packard Enterprise NonStop technology that is ranked as AL4 by IDC, where assembled cluster can achieve AL3 at best.1 High availability is built-in without additional license required or any configuration and design decisions to make.

The database includes local fault-tolerance as opposed to rely solely on failover to a remote geographical site which in many cases would make the cure worse than the disease.

Failures in the system are prevented to impact other applications within the same system by using process failover instead of node failover. There is therefore no stand-by node and all resources are put to useful work.

Data Integrity Protection No Matter What Happens

HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition leverages multiple patented technologies such as fail fast, active redundancy, and a fault-tolerant transaction engine to provide increased data integrity even when facing extreme failure scenarios.

You do not have to compromise on data consistency to provide high availability as described by the CAP theorem. HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition does not rely on replication for local fault-tolerance and therefore is not exposed to the CAP theorem problem.

Data loss scenarios are eliminated including in failure situations using advanced redundant memory technology such as the patented process pair feature.

Data is highly secured leveraging the strong security of the HPE NonStop OS with dramatically less vulnerabilities than Windows® or Linux. Principle of least privilege is included even for DBA tasks and fully protected with access control, auditing, and multi-factor authentication.

Simplified IT Database Operations

HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition solves the complexities of most clustered distributed SQL solutions available thanks to a unique capability called kernel-level SSI (Single System Image) management.

HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition includes HPE NonStop Database Analyzer that visualize your database workloads in real time for immediate use by the multiple personas of your IT such as data scientists, DevOps, DBAs, and cloud admin from a simple browser-based interface.

HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition includes HPE NonStop SQLXPress, a database management solution that combines ease of use with the highest security for all DBAs tasks.

1 HPE NonStop Servers are ranked as “AL4” servers by IDC consultant. IDC rank as AL3 servers such as assembled clusters where a short outage is needed for failover to take place and AL4 servers where any component failure in the system will not result in any visible outage for the application
Source: IDC, Jul 2020, Doc #US46640020, Worldwide AL4 Server Market Shares, 2019

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