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  • Increase availability and ease upgrades with zero-downtime, dynamic VM workload migration between Integrity i2 and i4 servers.
  • Increase availability with zero-downtime reconfiguration of virtual server I/O via online replacement of physical I/O adapters, and dynamic addition of virtual I/O to a vPar or VM.
  • Increase scalability for Integrity VM workloads with 2X the virtual cores (up to 32), 2X the memory (up to 256 GB), and greater storage and networking scalability for large guests.
  • Decrease reboot times by using the soft reboot feature for your VSP’s.

Key Features

Reduce Costs by Virtualizing Servers through Workload Consolidation and efficient Utilization

HP-UX vPars and Integrity VM v6 helps in reducing costs by simultaneously executing multiple virtual servers on a single physical server or an nPartition, sharing all of the available resources (cores, memory and I/O).

Consolidate multiple types of workloads within a single hard partition (nPartition) or server, each with its own operating system environment.

Improve Workload Availability by increased Flexibility and Mobility

HP-UX vPars and Integrity VM v6 enables the movement of a VM’s to a completely different system, eliminating the need for planned downtime with online migration of VM.

Transform workloads between vPars and Integrity Virtual Machines, providing each workload the ability to quickly change characteristics to meet varying demands.

Allocate dedicated processor cores and memory, for optimal workload performance in a virtualized environment, with virtual partitions (vPars).

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