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  • VSI X.25 for VSI OpenVMS is released - October 2018
  • VSI OMNI API (Application Programming Interface) and VSI OSAP/H1 for OpenVMS are released - August 2018
  • VSI OpenVMS V8.4-2L1 support for the following HPE Integrity i6 servers introduced-December 2017 * HPE Integrity rx2800 i6 * HPE Integrity BL860c i6 * HPE Integrity BL870c i6 * HPE Integrity BL890c i6
  • VSI Distributed Queuing Service (DQS) V1.4 and VSI Graphical Kernel System (GKS) V7.3 for OpenVMS are released. - December 2017
  • HPE Datacenter Care - Operational Support Services (DC-OSS) is now available from HPE Pointnext for the OpenVMS Environment. - April 2017
  • For information on HPE OpenVMS and VSI OpenVMS support, please contact http://www.vmssoftware.com/

Key Features

Application Development and Integration

HPE provides a high performance development and production environment on OpenVMS. HPE offers a broad set of products for developing applications, and is constantly enhancing the OpenVMS development environment so that you can take advantage of new technologies.

HPE and our business partners work together to make it easy for you to develop OpenVMS applications for enterprise computing, with a wide choice of industry standard compilers, tools, and middleware.

OpenVMS Clusters / High Availability

HPE OpenVMS Cluster software is an integral part of the OpenVMS operating system, providing the basis for many of the key capabilities used by OpenVMS enterprise solutions.

A full shared everything cluster design that has been in existence for more than 20 years, OpenVMS Cluster software allows for the maximum in expandability, scalability, and availability for mission-critical applications.


HPE OpenVMS provides a full range of security products and services from HPE and our partners designed to protect a company's vital assets.

Storage, Backup, and Storage Management

HPE OpenVMS supports a full and robust array of storage and storage management technologies that fulfill the business needs of application environments, from the very small workgroup to the largest business enterprise.

Solutions for these environments are both developed and delivered by HPE, as well as by key third-party solution providers.

* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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