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  • Support for HPE 16TB SAS and SATA Business Critical 7.2K HDDs increases the maximum raw capacity to 960TB.
  • Support for HPE Very Read Optimized (VRO) SATA SFF and LFF SSDs. VRO SSDs are QLC NAND-based and have variable endurance levels optimized to certain workloads that are very read-centric.
  • New choices for SFF SSDs: 800GB to 15.36TB NVMe Read Intensive and Mixed Use 400GB to 15.36TB SAS Read Intensive, Mixed Use, and Write Intensive 240GB to 7.68TB SATA Read Intensive and Mixed Use
  • The new Pensando Distributed Services Platform (DSP) delivers a powerful and scalable suite of software-defined network and security services like firewall, micro-segmentation, and telemetry.
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with up to 26 cores and memory speeds up to 2933 MT/s, now featuring 6200R, 5200R, and 4200R 2nd Generation models.

Key Features

Dense Systems for Unstructured Data and Big Data Workloads

HPE Apollo 4510 systems are designed with optimal amount of storage and compute capacity for enterprises embracing digital transformation (DX). This DX journey assumes that the enterprise is constantly collecting huge amounts of unstructured data across the organization.

HPE Apollo 4510 is a market leader in density-optimized data storage with co-located compute power (latest generation of Intel Xeon processors) to address all the workload varieties in a modern enterprise.

Using a combination of SSDs and HDDs, customers can built a system with almost 1 petabyte (PB) of storage in just one server.

Scale-out Ready Systems for Enterprise Customers

Organizations need a resilient scale-out software system overlay on top of storage hardware that grows with demand, that makes data visible for building data-driven use-cases, and that constantly monitors the underlying hardware, ultimately providing a seamless application experience running on top.

HPE has partnered with Cohesity, Qumulo and Scality to develop tightly integrated scale-out software solutions on top of HPE Apollo 4000 family of systems specifically targeted to address the rising scale of unstructured data.

Tight integration of software & hardware and joint validations of scale-out systems with partners means no need for enterprise IT to stitch point products together.

Built-in Global Intelligence and Data Protection

HPE InfoSight is built into every HPE Apollo 4510 system. HPE InfoSight has analyzed over 1,250 trillion data points and transformed how storage is managed and supported.

Through cloud-based machine learning, it has predicted and prevented thousands of disruptions from storage to applications and automated 85% of support calls. This has ultimately increased infrastructure uptime for our customers.

HPE iLO 5 chipset, integrated in every HPE Apollo Gen10 server, provides an unprecedented level of hardware security with its silicon root of trust and secure out-of-band management functionality.

iLO ensures protection against unauthorized users, strong authentication, extensive firmware protection, malware detection, and encryption of data, keystrokes and security keys.

Intel® is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. Xeon® is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.

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