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  • An NVMe-oF attached, all-SSD enclosure (JBOF)

Key Features

High Performance with Very Low Latency

HPE Flash Enclosures are an end-to-end NVMe solution with a non-blocking architecture in a PCI Gen4 ready chassis.

Up to six 100GbE NVMe-oF ports providing the capability of up to 16.8M IOPs and 69 GB/s performance using 4K random reads.

RoCE v2 connectivity adds only 4.85us of latency compared to internal PCIe SSDs.

Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) reduces server CPU resources needed for applications to access data.

Network Connected Solution delivers Shared Efficiencies

The HPE J2000 Flash Enclosure improves the utilization of flash in the environment and facilitates Data Sharing (via NVMe Namespaces).

Increase the availability of data with an HA design and NVMe-oF network connectivity.

Deliver better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when compared to distributed and isolated internal SSDs.

Reduce rack space and overall power requirements.

High Available (HA) Architecture

The HPE J2000 Flash Enclosure features hot swap, dual IO modules in an active-active configuration with hot swap, redundant power, and cooling.

Each IO module has its own management interface while providing a single view of the entire system.

Dual port SSDs allow access to data from either or both IO modules for performance and availability.

Multipath support provides applications with improved fault tolerance.

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