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Improve Fabric Efficiency using Hewlett Packard Enterprise Composable Infrastructure

The HPE Synergy 40Gb F8 Switch Module improves fabric efficiency, reliability and manageability with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Composable Infrastructure.

Consolidates data center network connections, reduces hardware, and scales network bandwidth across multiple frames by using the Synergy innovative disaggregated, rack-scale design.

Improve network reliability with resilient fabric connectivity to upstream switches using Synergy Multi-module LAG (MLAG) technology. The M-LAG enables resilient fabric connectivity across Synergy 40GB F8 Switch Modules and reduces traffic disruption by removing any single points of failure.

Update firmware with reduced traffic disruption using In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) technology.

Managed by a command line interface (CLI) with support for existing network management tools and processes.

Efficient Network Administered Ethernet Switch Technology with Architecture Benefits of HPE Synergy

The HPE Synergy 40Gb F8 Switch Module provides a managed switch interconnect interface to Ethernet networks. One device supports common data center networks protocols like Ethernet and iSCSI.

Ethernet data paths from each network adapter port provides convergence of Ethernet and iSCSI storage protocols.

With two modules you can provide an Ethernet connections to each Synergy Compute Module, delivering efficient convergence in a managed network switch architecture.

Connect to Synergy Compute Modules using full hardware offload of iSCSI protocol processing and minimizing the impact on host CPU performance to increase storage connection performance.

Ultra-fast 10/20GbE Synergy Compute Module to Synergy Switch Module performance: Perform ultra-fast communication between server hosts move and recovery with hardware based 10/20GbE performance.

Upgrade Your Network with Investment Protection using Industry Standard Network Switch Connectivity

The HPE Synergy 40Gb F8 Switch Module reduces operation effort by supporting compatible standard Ethernet environment management processes. Industry standard compatibility allows connection to existing industry standard Ethernet networks and storage networks.

One Synergy 40Gb F8 Switch Module meets data and storage connection needs with multi-protocol support for Ethernet and Accelerated iSCSI connections.

Designed for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Synergy technology and requires no changes to the Synergy Frame components.

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