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HPE XP7 Gen2 14TB Upgrade Flash Module Device


HPE XP7 Gen2 7TB Upgrade Flash Module Device


What's New

  • Inline hardware compression in the FMD ASIC driving storage efficiency and performance for mission critical flash requirements.
  • The FMDs comes in capacity points of 1.7 TB, 3.5 TB,7 TB and the newly introduced 14 TB.
  • The quad core controller on the XP7 FMDs provides: higher performance, reduced array write cache needs, a longer projected lifespan (endurance), and storage efficiency through compression.
  • Gen2 FMDs are also more flexible capacity/density packaging than all other standard SSDs available on the market today.
  • Mission critical affordable flash with world class performance at sub $2/Gb, driving flash to go mainstream in mission critical environments.

Key Features

Enterprise Flash at Less Than $2/Gb

The Flash Module Device (FMD) unique to HPE XP7 is the driver for industry-leading performance and is designed for those customers seeking the ultimate in storage performance.

With an XP7 configuration using just 64 FMD’s a stellar SPC-1 result of 2M IOPS at .96 ms response time was achieved.

Inline hardware compression that provides over 2:1 compression ratio with zero performance penalty and a density increase to 14 TB per FMD.

The XP7 Gen2 FMD is the flash media of choice as 3 million plus IOPS at sub-millisecond response times is what you can expect along with compression savings of over 2:1 when using HPE XP7 Gen2 FMD.

All this at a price point that trumps traditional SSD media in bit cost.

Top Performance

The unique form factor of the FMD allows much higher connect bandwidth to the actual flash devices. This allows the full speed of the FMD to be exploited (utilized) unlike the SSDs that only have access to the “standard disk slot” bandwidth.

A high-performance compression engine resides in the custom ASIC controller and provides inline hardware compression with zero overhead.

The compression algorithm is an always-on sliding window LZ77 derivative that delivers real-time compression. Having this compression engine in each and every Gen2 FMD Device allows for unparalleled scalability and performance.

A degradation in the I/O processing is observed when managing housekeeping tasks and under high write workloads. The FMDs do away with this issue by removing the housekeeping tasks from the IO path.

The flash controller monitors the number of writes, erasures and refreshes to eliminate these imbalances by balancing the rate of deterioration in the flash memory cells. This helps in extending the useful lifetime of flash.

Easy Consolidation

The unique form factor of the FMD does not limit the capacity/density to fit into a spinning media footprint. FMDs are self-contained controller boards currently available in 1.7 TB, 3.5 TB ,7 TB and 14 TB.

Compression and deduplication bringing unmatched storage efficiency.

Denser, affordable Flash Devices with built in compression engine in the quad core controller.


Today’s Gen2 FMDs are Devices with always-on compression. This substantially reduces the $/Gb of FMDs. The maximum compression that these devices can provide depends on the application.

Flash Devices with inline HW compression at cost of HDDs.


* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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