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HPE SN4700B 64Gb 16/16 16‑port 64Gb Short Wave SFP56 SAN Extension Fibre Channel Switch



What's New

  • Optimizes replication traffic utilizing modern 25GbE/100GbE WAN connections.
  • Consolidates high-speed Fibre Channel and IP storage replication workloads.
  • Secures data flows over distance with strong AES 256-bit hardware encryption without a performance penalty.
  • Provides load balancing and failover across multiple WAN connections, protecting against WAN link failures.
  • Helps ensure consistent storage replication with non-disruptive firmware and security updates.
  • Pre-validates the WAN infrastructure with a built-in WAN Test Tool (Wtool) to help ensure a worry-free deployment
    and detects WAN anomalies to avoid unplanned downtime with proactive monitoring.

Key Features

High Performance

The HPE B-series SN4700B consolidates high-speed Fibre Channel and IP storage replication workloads moving more data faster and further with 64Gb Fibre Channel and 100GbE ports.

The HPE B-series SN4700B advanced performance and network optimization enable replication and backup applications to send more data over metro and WAN links in less time and to optimize available WAN bandwidth.

The HPE B-series SN4700B offers 24 64Gbps Fibre Channel ports, 16 1GbE/10GbE/23GbE ports, and 2 100GbE ports that provide the bandwidth, port density, and throughput required for maximum application performance over WAN links.

Greater Control and Insight Across Data Centers

Simplify network monitoring and alerting between data centers to automatically detect WAN anomalies and avoid unplanned downtime.

Pre-validate and troubleshoot the physical infrastructure to streamline deployment and avoid issues.

Delivers real-time information that organizations can act on to meet recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO).

Monitor Fibre Channel and IP health and performance from a single dashboard.

Simplified Disaster Recovery and Data Protection

The HPE B-series SN4700B supports simple point-to-point or comprehensive multisite SAN extension for a variety of strategic IT initiatives.

The HPE B-series SN4700B centralizes backup to consolidate infrastructure and administrative resources.

The HPE B-series SN4700B includes built-in tools to validate conditions of the WAN links, network paths, and proper setup of FCIP configurations prior to deployment.

Integrated Architecture and Management

The HPE B-series SN4700B utilizes the same Fabric OS (FOS) that supports the entire B-series product family to help ensure interoperability.

The HPE B-series SN4700B leverages existing and familiar B-series management tools, including Fabric Vision, WebTools, and the command-line interface (CLI) to simplify deployment and administration.

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