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HPE Composable Fabric FM 2072 6-port QSFP 48-port SFP+ Back-to-Front Module

HPE Composable Fabric FM 2072 6-port QSFP 48-port SFP+ Back-to-Front Module


HPE Composable Fabric FM 2072 6-port QSFP 48-port SFP+ Front-to-Back Module

HPE Composable Fabric FM 2072 6-port QSFP 48-port SFP+ Front-to-Back Module


What's New

  • Centralized management directly from VMware vSphere® improves visibility and simplifies troubleshooting of the Network
  • Automated network management for compute and storage lifecycle events
  • Optimized network performance for HPE SimpliVity storage and federation

Key Features

The Fabric Advantage

Each HPE Composable Fabric FM 2072 features six QSFP optical interfaces delivering up to 240 Gbps full-duplex bandwidth creating programmable scalable meshed networks.

HPE Composable Fabric FM 2072 uses QSFP optics combined with a passive connectivity device FM 1006 to create an optical mesh between connectivity modules that is completely controllable by software through HPE Composable Fabric Manager.

Multi-Layered Network Architecture

The full potential of optical switching is unleashed by Composable Fabric's multi-layered network architecture that delivers efficient layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3 network topologies to critical application workloads.

HPE Composable Fabric FM 2072 provide layer 2 and layer 3 network topologies as part of the Composable Fabric network architecture. The optical interfaces create a highly meshed, multipath network fabric with multiple direct and indirect paths between modules.

HPE Composable Fabric Manager software, which understands the physical and logical network topology, as well as the application and data workload requirements, establishes a network, where individual workloads receive their own portion of the network at each network layer.

Dynamic Topologies

In conjunction with the centralized HPE Composable Fabric Manager platform, HPE Composable Fabric provides intelligent and adaptive technology that ensures workloads always have access to the most optimal network paths.

HPE Composable Fabric Manager provides both the integration platform, as well as a set of HPE-developed API level integrations that automate workflows based on the included sensors, actions and triggers for 3rd party orchestration systems.

HPE Composable Fabric connectivity modules intelligently select the best network paths for workloads that have resource requirements or explicit constraints defined by the integrations.

Less sensitive workloads without explicitly defined constraints are efficiently forwarded across the available direct and indirect paths created by the network fabric. Based on HPE residual fit algorithms, HPE Composable Fabric Manager dynamically fits non-affinitized traffic.

Unlike typical multi-path networks, which might utilize a maximum of 16 or 32 IP based equal cost paths between switch ports, HPE Composable Fabric Manager can intelligently select from hundreds of non-interfering, non-equal paths across the highly diverse HPE Composable Fabric at layer 1, 2 or 3.

Scale Out, Not Up

HPE Composable Fabric FM 2072 physically interconnect using its QSFP ports to create a very dense, full or partial mesh between connectivity modules. This creates a more cost effective and power efficient network architecture than traditional tree or leaf-and-spine hierarchical networks can achieve.

The mesh architecture enables linear scaling, with each additional switch adding fabric capacity, resiliency and multi-path options. HPE Composable Fabric connectivity modules create network fabrics ranging from a few server racks in size to a large capacity cloud data center.

The linear build-out offers predictable economics and capacity growth in true scale-out fashion. With an out of the box default access to fabric oversubscription ratio of 2:1, the FM 2072 provides cost-effective performance for up to 48 10GbE server and storage connections.

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