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What's New

  • Service activity, health and availability scores are computed from combined data across the application, server, VMs and network devices.
  • Dashboard displays a new updated look.
  • Data Center View shows a data center score for quick health assessment.

Key Features

End-To-End Business Services Health Dashboard

The HPE IMC Business Service Performance Software delivers to data center, remote sites environments that rely on centralized services, and large campus environment network management teams a top level aggregated health and activity score for individual services.

IMC BSP Software delivers the activity health score for each configured business service based on aggregated health values derived from health, utilization and availability values for the hardware and software used to deliver that service.

This aggregated health score allows ‘quick glance' monitoring and alarms for services that account for not only the applications themselves, but also databases, network interconnects, servers, VM environments and other elements that make up a complex service.

Data used in the health score calculation is compiled from data in the IMC platform, and, optionally, data acquired from Application Performance Manager (APM), Service Health Manager (SHM) and/or the Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) modules, if they are present. APM presence is recommended.

The IMC platform data contribution to BSP provides service capacity management with ESX environments, combining load analysis, VM efficiency, zombie VM monitoring and capacity trends. It also adds to the 3D Data Center view.

Customizable Service Health Parameters Dashboard Shows Real-Time Results

The HPE IMC Business Service Performance Software main screen is a customizable dashboard showing the aggregated values for the individual service, as well as trend graphs for statistics and a Top 5 for the aggregated values. All values are shown in real-time to the network operators.

Analysis of various service oriented capacities, such as server, application, network device, and OS, are directly available.

You can drill-down to specific underlying data can be easily done through the dashboard for quick access to additional specific troubleshooting data.

Event/Alarm Thresholds Can Be Set On Aggregated Data

The HPE IMC Business Service Performance Software event/alarms are unique as they are based on the computed aggregated values. Alarm thresholds can set for individual alarms, and on a service-by-service basis.

Alarms are rolled up into the BSP dashboard providing visibility of potential concerns.

Data Center View Gives a Summary of DC Centers' Compute Status

IMC BSP Software allows Data Center View which provides a top level data center dashboard, which includes the numbers and status of the clusters, visibility to concerns, hosts, physical servers and VMs in the data center. Multiple data centers can be defined.

Resource levels within each of these compute categories, including memory, CPU usage, and disk usage are shown. It also shows the overall level of compute headroom available at the current time, allowing for compute resource activity trends. Can be used over time for capacity planning.

Administrators can drill down to specific servers, VMs, and more, which provides a specific analysis of the current health and resource environment for that device.

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