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  • 14 TB Midline 7.2K SAS & SATA LFF Helium 512e Hard Disk Drives
  • Designed to leverage the power of Dockerâ„¢ containers to simplify and accelerate large-scale AI / ML and Big Data Analytics deployments including TensorFlow, H2O, Spark, Kafka, Cloudera®, and more.
  • Achieve faster time-to-value, reduce costs, and provide ultimate flexibility for your AI / ML and Big Data Analytics initiative for multiple user groups with different use cases.
  • Data science teams can focus on business innovation with AI and data-driven digital transformation instead of worrying about the underlying infrastructure and systems deployment.
  • Provides flexibility in a suite of services for the design, deployment, and configuration of numerous environments.
  • Self-service experience with the data and tools that your end users want, while providing enterprise-grade security.

Key Features

Engineered to Deliver High Performance and Reliability Across HPE server and Storage Platforms

HPE HDDs are tuned and tested with on-going quality monitoring throughout their lifecycle

HPE optimizes HDD firmware for predictable and consistent HDD performance

HPE's industry-leading rigorous testing and qualification program is backed by 2.4 million test hours

Pre-failure Alerts with HPE Smart Array Controller, Systems Insight Manager, and HPE Smart firmware

3x faster firmware and software updates with HPE Service Pack for ProLiant (HPE SPP)

HPE HDDs are Designed to Deliver Enterprise Class Security at Both Hardware and Firmware Levels

HPE Digitally Signed Firmware helps prevent against malicious attacks

HPE Smart Array SR Secure Encryption is a FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated enterprise class controller-based encryption solution for data-at-rest on all SAS/SATA drives

HPE Smart Carriers report drive activity and health

HPE Supports Your Data-Driven Applications With a Broad Portfolio of HDDs

HPE Server Midline Hard Drives are ideal for the growing volume of digital content, bulk data storage, cloud and web infrastructure environments

Broad portfolio of HDDs, optimized for HPE server platforms, provide up to 14 TB of storage

Available in 2.5-inch Small Form Factor and 3.5-inch Large Form Factor in a wide variety of capacity points

Simplify HDD planning and standardize HDDs across HPE server and storage solutions

Common HDD carriers offer consistency and compatibility across HPE server platforms

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