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  • Drives large scale performance optimizations with one-button system rebalance after adding new resources to the system or moving a large number of volumes between tiers
  • Analyzes how volumes are using physical disk space and which resources were added to the system, then makes intelligent, autonomic adjustments to ensure optimal volume distribution of storage volumes
  • Enacts more efficient performance optimizations with fine-grained, sub-volume rebalancing for only those portions of a storage volume that can make use of the new resources added to the system

Key Features

Aligns Application Requirements with Data QoS Levels Flexibly, Precisely, and on Demand

HPE 3PAR Dynamic Optimization Software non-disruptively alters service levels of a volume with a single click, without scheduling, planning, or impacting application performance. Each storage volume resides on a single tier, but maintains mobility between tiers throughout the application lifecycle.

Drives large-scale performance optimizations with one button system rebalance after adding new resources to the system or moving a large number of volumes between tiers.

Can be used to seamlessly adjust the RAID level, subsystem failure protection level, drive type, stripe width, or radial placement of volumes to achieve optimized data QoS levels.

Provides the Ability to React Quickly to Changing Application and Infrastructure Requirements

HPE 3PAR Dynamic Optimization Software enables service level change orders to be made on demand, aligning appropriate storage resources as needed with the changing value of data.

Autonomically and non-disruptively rebalances entire system or multiple volumes with a single button based on configurable policies.

Eliminates the cost of over provisioning to accommodate usage spikes as well as the time-consuming, manual migration of data to lower tiers to reduce storage costs.

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