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What's New

  • HPE Virtual Headend Manager solution now supports both over the top (OTT) and live multicast channel configurations of encoders/transcoders.
  • Increased capacity to manage 100+ channels.
  • Improved user experience of management console.

Key Features

Reduced Time to Market and Increase New Revenue Sources

HPE Virtual Headend Manager brings a unique level of flexibility and agility by automating multiple functions and efficiently managing server resources to deploy new standard definition (SD), high definition (HD) or 4K channels in a day, not weeks like traditional headend platforms.

A unique level of flexibility and agility from automating multiple functions and efficiently managing server resources from this solution enables CSPs to quickly adapt to market demands by launching new or special event channels such as Olympics channels, F1, and G Moto, or concerts.

The HPE Virtual Headend Manager delivers flexibility assisting operators so they can adapt to new technologies such as new compression standards and file formats, without the added complexity and infrastructure costs.

Enables content service providers (CSPs) to deliver channels-as-a-service to broadcasters or enterprises to quickly and cost effectively extend their control of the value chain and increase revenue.

Open Architecture, Virtualized Platform to Avoid Vendor Lock-in

The HPE Virtual Headend Manager platform’s flexibility enables content service providers (CSPs) the freedom to choose different vendors' transcoders, encoders, multiplexers and packagers that meet their business needs and budgets.

The experience Hewlett Packard Enterprise has in solution integration means CSPs can trust that their multi-vendor headend environment is managed with the highest quality of service (QoS) and that the operator has an enhanced experience.

Comprehensive headend management solution

The HPE Virtual Headend Manager platforms allows content service providers (CSPs) to deploy, manage and monitor the array of headend components (transcoders, packagers, multiplexers) in their environment from a single console.

De-commissioning unused channels and recycling resources for other functions is an easy task with the easy to use, cloud-based management console.

Improve CAPEX and Reduce OPEX

The HPE Virtual Headend Manager delivers a comprehensive headend management solution with automation that requires less staff and increases logistical efficiency.

Upgrades are executed automatically in minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks as in traditional headend environments.

HPE Virtual Headend Manager open source technology provides high availability and high-performance to support demanding workloads.

The virtual headend environment by definition reduces, or nearly eliminates, proprietary single function hardware purchases and expensive management.

Headend investments can occur incrementally as the demand increases and business evolves as opposed to traditional environments that require up front expensive investment of redundant appliances.


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