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HPE SN8600B 4-slot Power Pack+ Port Side Air Intake Director Switch Chassis


HPE SN8600B 8-slot Power Pack+ Port Side Air Intake Director Switch Chassis


What's New

  • Introducing HPE B-series SN8600B 32Gb SAN Director with Non-port side Exhaust (NPE) or Reverse air-flow model to augment network design suitable to cooling
  • Introducing HPE B-series SN8600B 64-port 32 Gb Integrated Fibre Channel Blade, to scale to 512 ports and provides up to 20 Tbps total systems bandwidth1
  • With robust Gen6 capabilities, 64-port 32 Gb QSFP Blade enables multiprotocol flexibility for FC, FCoE and NVMe fabrics, and enhanced monitoring for NVMe-FC traffic
  • Available 32 Gb short-wave QSFP with break-out capability and 32 Gb long-wave 2 km QSFP transceivers
  • Delivers new automation capabilities that enable DevOps to automate and orchestrate SAN resources through open APIs and Ansible automation engine while serving as a building block for large scale

Key Features

Improved Performance

HPE SAN Director features 32 Gbps Fibre Channel performance and up to 16.2 Tbps chassis bandwidth to address next-generation I/O and bandwidth-intensive applications for private cloud storage and highly virtualized environments.

Supports flash-based storage workloads with up to 1 billion IOPS utilizing 64-port 32 Gb QSFP Blade, 48-port 32 Gb FC Blade, and 32 Gb SAN Extension Blade.

Increases scalability with up to 2X throughput for high-density virtual machine (VM) deployments and larger fabrics allowing organizations to support more storage devices using the same number of Fibre Channel links.

HPE SAN Director family provides higher chassis, slot-to-slot, and port performance enabling faster deployment of applications.

The HPE B-series SN8600B SAN Switch and HPE B-series SN8000B SAN Switch offer local switching capabilities to verify that data traffic within the same port group does not consume slot bandwidth, increasing the number of line-rate ports.

Simplified Management

The HPE SAN Director simplifies monitoring, management, and diagnostics to avoid problems before they impact operations and it dramatically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).

HPE Smart SAN is integrated with the HPE SN8600B SAN Director offering greater visibility into your SAN fabric.

The new I/O Insight software with Gen6 Fibre Channel enhances visibility into the health of your SAN.

Enables pro-active monitoring of I/O performance and behavior through integrated network sensors, providing deep insight into problems and improving service level agreements (SLAs).

With new automation, organizations can quickly and reliably perform resource intensive tasks, such as provisioning, and enable uninterrupted SAN monitoring, so that tasks can be completed in less time. With automation, organizations can automate repetitive daily tasks and deliver consistent results.

Improves Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

The HPE SAN Director delivers high bandwidth, port density, and throughput required for application performance over WAN connections addressing demanding disaster recovery (DR) requirements through 32 Gb FC and 1GbE/10GbE/40GbE ports.

Reduces bandwidth costs with in-flight data compression at wire speed and increases security with in-flight data encryption.

Provides native 10 Gbps Fibre Channel support on the 16 Gb and 32 Gb blade.

Lower TCO

HPE B-series SN8600B SAN Director seamlessly integrates with next-generation NVMe throughout the fabric.

Future-proof and Gen7 Fibre Channel-ready storage networking platform.

Enables high-density, core-edge, and active-active mesh chassis topologies reducing inter-switch cabling by up to 75%.2

[1] The 64-port blade offers 33% more port connectivity than the 48-port blade for the HPE SN8600B SAN Director.

[2] Two 64-port blades support 32 ISL cable connections versus 128 FC cables required using the 48-port blades to achieve the same ISL connectivity, a 75% reduction in cable connectivity.

* Prices may vary based on local reseller.

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