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Scality RING Dedicated Care Service Fundamental Yearly Fee E-LTU


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What's New

  • Scality RING8 XDM, a hybrid cloud data management tool that enables metadata search and policy-driven data lifecycle management across multiple clouds from one unified interface.
  • Scality Zenko, a stand-alone product for hybrid cloud data management utilizing subscription-based licensing.

Key Features

Extreme Web-scale Capacity in a Single Data Pool

Scalable storage up to exabytes in a single namespace, letting businesses create a single pool of data rather than adding ever-increasing numbers of limited-capacity storage silos. HPE Apollo 4000 Systems with Scality RING Scalable Storage has been deployed in production at hundreds of petabyes.

A key to lowering data costs at extreme scale is to begin with affordable storage systems. HPE Apollo 4000 Systems with Scality RING Scalable Storage utilizes storage systems which are specifically optimized for storage-centric workloads.

Complete Data Confidence to Simplify your Life

With 14 nines of durability, data is distributed across servers or across sites to protect against unplanned downtime from disk, server, rack, or whole data center outages. Data is always on-line and accessible from practically anywhere.

Let Scality RING8 XDM expand your data visibility across multiple rings and into public clouds. Data lifecycle policies make it easier than ever to simultaneously copy data to multiple targets, move colder data to long-term archives, or expire older data which is consuming space.

Ready to use with Web-based or Traditional Business Applications

Many businesses are challenged to find a cost-effective means of storing unstructured data across a wide range of use cases and business applications including backup, cloud storage, analytics, and content distribution.

HPE Apollo 4000 Systems with Scality RING Scalable Storage integrates with a wide range of business applications, simultaneously supporting File (NFS, SMB) and Object (S3-compatible) protocols in the same name space to help consolidate data from multiple applications into one web-scale storage pool.

Maximize your TCO savings with HPE Storage-optimized Servers

HPE Apollo 4200 and Apollo 4510 are the foundations for HPE Apollo 4000 Systems with Scality RING Scalable Storage. Choose the Apollo 4200 with 24 LFF for smaller fault-domains in a 2U form factor or choose the Apollo 4510 with 60 LFF for highest density and rapid data growth in a 4U form factor.

Scality RING can be expanded with the latest generation of HPE Apollo 4000 without needing to refresh previous systems, ensuring business continuity while growing to meet your data capacity needs.

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