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  • Observability solution captures metrics, events, logs, and traces to help you analyze operational outcomes of applications to better understand and quickly resolve potential issues.

Key Features

Hybrid Discovery and Observability for a Complete Picture of Your IT Environment

OpsRamp automatically discovers and identifies all your hybrid infrastructure resources in real-time, as each resource joins the network, whether they exist on-prem or in 3rd party cloud environments.

Flexible agentless and agent-based options enable native resource monitoring via OpsRamp, allowing you to decrease the number of tools and associated subscription costs. Integrate with your existing tools to aggregate your monitoring data within your central IT Ops command center.

Native monitoring instrumentation and over 2,500 integrations bring your metrics, events, logs, and traces together within one central command center, integrating your monitoring data so you can be the first to know and respond with context of the impacted business services.

Customizable policy-based monitoring templates allow you to automatically onboard and start monitoring IT infrastructure resources without consuming your team’s time. Topology and Service Maps give you a clear view of the resources supporting each one of your business services and applications.

Seamless integrations with a variety of the most popular IT Service Management (ITSM) tools enable real-time bi-directional collaboration between your Service Desk and your Operations team to help you resolve incidents faster and keep your applications performing to expectation.

Event and Incident Management Helps You be the First to Know

OpsRamp's native AIOps engine correlates and deduplicates alerts to help you more quickly identify incident root cause without having to swivel between disconnected point tools. By reducing incident volume, your team will be more efficient, productive, and proactive.

Intelligent incident routing automatically identifies incident type and routes the incident to the correct IT administrator with all the information they need to quickly resolve the incident.

Customizable knowledge base, audit recordings, and audit trails inform and preserve operational best practices to help you uphold stringent governance of your IT operations practice.

Multi-tier, multi-tenancy allows for customizable resource grouping by business unit or customer to help keep your monitoring practice clean by partitioning your various monitored environments and data.

Role-based consoles and real-time reporting drive transparency and showcase your team’s value to the business.

Remediation and Automation Helps You Resolve Incidents and Perform Operations Faster

The OpsRamp policy-based resolution workflows and runbook management automatically resolve recurring incidents - improving uptime, reliability, and performance of business services and applications.

Automatically identify resource type and apply customizable monitoring templates for improved governance.

Auto-patching of your IT infrasatructure resources saves your team time and keeps your devices in compliance.

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