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  • A new Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Module is now available that allows CSPs to ingest EPG files from multiple sources and formats.
  • Enriches EPG files from single media assets repository and adapts them into multiple formats for the destination platforms.

Key Features

Robust, Flexible, Comprehensive Workflow Engine

HPE Media Workflow Master is a framework for media management and operation that allows the operators to automate their media content processes on media content in a flexible and more efficient manner to achieve service enhancement and faster operations.

Delivers virtualization and cloud technologies to enable customers to perform a variety of media functions in a single cloud-platform that are traditionally performed in disparate systems.

Includes monitoring, reporting and administrative functions to enable monitoring of all the activities in the system, generating reports on resource usage, and configures all the entities in the system such as: users, systems, and classification schemes.

Resource Manager that Delivers Efficiency and Automation

The HPE Media Workflow Master uses an event scheduler so that new work orders can be scheduled to instantiate a new processing node for a dedicated media function (for example, transcoding) in a virtual environment, and in the specific farm in which the additional processing capability is required.

Processing nodes can also be created with an automatic work order, for example, when all the transcoding systems are unreachable, or the system requires more processing nodes of a specific media function type.

EPG Manager Supporting Enriched Metadata

The HPE Media Workflow Master can automatically download and capture integrated electronic program guide (EPG) files of different formats (txt, xml, Excel) from different locations through FTP, SFTP or HTTP sources.

Build an asset repository or catalog of movies, series, seasons and episodes that can be used to enrich the EPG content when compared with titles from other EPG sources.

Builds a cast repository with all related metadata to enrich EPG programs and video on demand (VOD). Provides the required tool to edit the EPG information and enrichment in an efficient manner.

Auto export of EPG information to multiple XML formats and supports exports to multiple destination platforms.

Provides poster services for programs and cast members with multiple resolutions to enhance user experiences on the middleware user interface.

Asset and metadata archive manager

The HPE Media Workflow Master provides asset check-in allowing manual or automatic execution, and permits the user, content provider, or an external system to archive the asset in terms of technical and editorial metadata.

The asset technical metadata are automatically extracted through the integration with MediaInfo system.

The editorial metadata, instead, can be retrieved through integration with the online movie on demand database.

The optional speech-to-text functionality creates the transcript and supports subtitle production. A proxy (a lower quality than the master) is produced for preview purposes during the browse and search.

Browse and search allows system users to search contents and browse relevant metadata. It shows asset details and allows multiple functionalities, like face detection and preview of the content with subtitles.

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