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  • A validated architecture for NFV Telco Cloud designed with the CSP and based on HPE’s experience with NFV System and NFV PoCs using industry leading servers, storage, networking and software products.
  • Pre-integrated and verified solutions with automated scripts to shorten build times, a simplified Bill Of Materials for easy ordering at scale and pre-configuration completed to customer requirements.
  • Solution-aware support and 3rd party support on a case-by-case basis, with direct access to the HPE NFV specialized support team for a premium service.
  • The capability to combine HPE industry leading products with 3rd party components of choice.
  • Choice of virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM) including HPE Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade and Red Hat OpenStack Platform (OSP).

Key Features

Open Approach Results in Choice for the CSP

Customer choice is accommodated in terms of Top Of Rack switching for example, Cisco, Juniper or Arista switches instead of HPE Networking Switches.

Open source: Our HPE and partner solutions are typically based on Linux, OpenStack, and KVM implementations; additional open source components are used.

Currently available with a choice of HPE Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade or Red Hat OpenStack Platform (OSP), or if preferred other VIMs considered based on customer requests.

Storage: Support for Wind River Titanium Cloud Ceph Storage or Red Hat Ceph Storage, and HPE’s storage solutions including HPE StoreVirtual VSA and HPE 3PAR, additional storage based on customer demand.

Flexibility to include additional software components like orchestrator solutions, VNFs, etc.

Minimize Risk of Implementing an NFV Platform

HPE Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Validated Configurations include a whitepaper describing the configuration, the publication of hardware/software compatibility matrix and a simplified Bill Of Materials (BOM) for ordering.

Built in the HPE factory or at the customer site. HPE NFV Validated Configurations will include detailed build instructions and artifacts for hardware integration, software installation and configuration based on customer provided inputs.

Build validation is done within the HPE Labs that delivers error free build procedures. Validation includes test that ensures NFV readiness of the platform.

Direct access to dedicated NFV Specialist team for support issues.

AC, DC and NEBS compliant solutions are available.

Once Designed HPE NFV Validated Configuration Ships Like a Product

Once designed HPE Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Validated Configurations ship like a product. Automated installation scripts will be developed (based on the components in the configuration) that would significantly decrease the installation and configuration timelines.

Once designed, the bill of materials is well-defined, and it is simple to order, build, ship, and set-up at the customer’s site at scale.

Automation scripts can be used for deployment of VIM and configuration of hardware and software components. For example, RH OSP deployments have been decreased by 75% utilizing automation script.

Integration can be done in the HPE factory, including third party components or alternately on-site through HPE PointNext Consultants if preferred based on the build instructions and artifacts provided as part of the Validated Configuration.

Third party components can be integrated in HPE factory, however components need to be procured and supplied to HPE by customer.

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