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What's New

  • Doubles the Virtual Connect Fibre Channel bandwidth from 8 Gb to 16 Gb.
  • Doubles the performance of transmitting big data between HPE Virtual Connect and the SAN.
  • Doubles the performance of transmitting Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) data between HPE Virtual Connect and the SAN.
  • Increases the performance of transmitting multimedia data between HPE Virtual Connect and the SAN.
  • Due to changes in business processes, new part numbers are being introduced to replace the existing part numbers. Please refer to quick spec for details.

Key Features

Standard Based

HPE Virtual Connect 16Gb 24-port Fibre Channel Module for c-Class BladeSystem is compatible with all other NPIV standards-based SAN switch products. This provides high performance, end-to-end connections with your favorite brands of SAN switches.

Functions as a simple Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) to the SAN network while reducing cable complexity. Any changes to the server are transparent to its associated network, cleanly separating the servers from SAN and relieving SAN Administrators from server maintenance.

Works with the Virtual Connect Manager to allow the SAN administrator define available SANs, LANs, server connections, and manage server connection profiles.

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