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What's New

  • Get exceptional performance, greater reliability, and increased capacity with 30 TB NVMe drives. Scale NVMe array capacity to over 8.6 PB.
  • Get breakthrough performance and lower latency with new 375 GB Storage Class Memory (SCM) media. Perfect solution for hot data, with support for DeCo, Encryption, and Smart tiering.
  • QoS enhancements for more service level control. Set upper limits on Volume Group IOPs and MB/s.
  • Non-disruptive migration for CA-sync configurations from HPE XP7 to HPE XP8.
  • Expanded Online Migration support for data movement from non-XP storage to HPE XP8 storage.
  • Online volume expansion support with HA/CA/CAJ/BC/FS.

Key Features

Proven 100% Data Availability1, and Backed-up with a 100% Availability Guarantee2

Operating a business demands constant uptime, the risk of data loss or downtime must be minimized. HPE XP8 Storage is designed for 8-nines5 availability, virtually eliminating eliminating downtime risk. All active components are redundant, hot-swappable, and can be upgraded online.

XP8 protects data even if power fails since write cache is backed up to a Solid State Drive. RAID 6 14D+2P adds fault tolerance. HPE C-Track proactively monitors and XP8 proactively self-manages to avoid component failures. End-to-end checksum confirms data integrity from host port to disk and back.

HPE XP8 Storage with multi array virtualization provides 100% data availability1 and storage uptime, even in the event of a data center disaster. Avoid both planned and unplanned downtime with disaster resistant XP8 Remote Replication Suite. There's never a need to take XP8 offline.

XP8 Storage enables continuous Disaster Recovery capabilities before, during and after array migrations with XP8 Online Data Migration. Move workloads from legacy XP disk arrays to XP8 with no interruption to applications, no server reboots and no suspension of your XP Disaster Recovery solution.

Ultimate Flexibility for a Wide Range of Workloads and Applications

HPE XP8 is a modular architecture that is fully scalable from a 2 DKC/2 controller system to one containing 6 DKC/12 controller system. Scale up to 69 petabytes of internal storage capacity, plus up to 255 PB of virtualized external capacity.

HPE XP8 offers a choice of media with NVMe and SAS SSDs, Storage Class Memory (SCM), Flash Module Device (FMD) and HDDs. Deploy the media that provides the best performance price for your application workload.

Start with an All-Flash or Hybrid two controller base DKC, then upgrade to a performance DKC and secondary DKC to scale performance and capacity as needed.

HPE XP8 storage offers universal ports with the flexibility to configure them as source, target or for replication.

HPE XP8 provides flexibility and convenience for server or operating system maintenance by insuring data access. By presenting a virtual storage layer to hosts, one side of an application cluster can be taken offline, while the other side continues to access the XP8 data.

Dominant Performance that Meets Even the Most Extreme Workload Requirements

Delivering over 20 million IOPs3, HPE XP8 storage provides plenty of performance to meet extreme workload requirements.

XP8 Flash Modules cater to your extreme performance and low latency needs which are efficiently met with the higher performance lower cost solid-state non-volatile data capacity. Attain both ultra-high performance and sustained extreme low response times for the most demanding application workloads.

With the HPE XP8 you get ultimate performance for your 24x7 demands to deliver your critical data at break-neck speed. The XP8 offers the flexibility you need to meet your performance and latency objectives without sacrificing availability or disaster recovery.

The HPE XP8 Storage Class Media modules offer the ultimate in performance and latency. Additionally, Flash Module Devices deliver guaranteed 2:14 compression along with world class performance with zero performance penalty.

XP8 Smart Tiers and Thin Provisioning provides quick and automated flexibility for changing application needs. You can now configure all the capacity you will need for the future, only buy what you need today and allow the XP8 to automatically monitor and adjust for performance and capacity needs.

Built-in Intelligent Storage Management

HPE XP8 is intelligent storage that solves problems before they can affect storage availability or performance. This is achieved with integrated AI capabilities like Performance Advisor VM analytics, Continuous Track data analytics functionality, and future InfoSight support.

All-inclusive software such as HPE XP8 Intelligent Storage Manager streamlines storage management, enables at-a-glance status of resources, simplifies deployment, management, and maintenance of XP storage.

HPE XP8 Data Protection Manager provides simplified modern data protection and copy management to improve data availability, compliance, and agility. Data Protection Manager uses built-in intelligence to guide users in policy and workflow creation to automate replication and copy data management.

New and improved Performance Advisor Software has an all new simplified GUI and improved reporting capabilities with VM Analytics.

The HPE XP8 storage has an easy to use task based GUI, Common/Consistent Command Line Interface (CLI), simplified serviceability, and simple provisioning with one-click volume creation, dynamic/automatic provisioning and optimization.

[1] Based on HPE Quality Support tracking data

[2] Based on HPE internal performance testing

[3] HPE XP8 100% Data Availability Guarantee Program

[4] HPE XP7 Compression Guarantee Program

[5] The HPE XP7 Storage 8-nines reliability is determined by the Symbolic Hierarchical Automated reliability and Performance Evaluator (SHARPE) tool that models and predicts overall system availability using continuous time Markov chain (CTMC) methodology. Availability predictions for HPE XP8 Storage were performed by the HPE Solution Design Services team in October 2019. Contact your local HPE Sales representative for more information.

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