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HPE Synergy 480 Gen11 Configure‑to‑order Compute Module



What's New

  • It is powered by the 5th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors with modern technology that support up to 64 cores at 350W and 16 DIMMs for DDR5 memory at speeds up to 5600 MHz.
  • Supports hot-pluggable, high-availability RAID M.2 boot options configured with two 480 GB NVMe drives built in that can reside with additional front storage options.
  • Availability of multiple front storage drive options that are selectable at purchase, as well as field upgradable after the sale, including the 8 EDSFF NVMe E3.S Direct Connect Drive Cage Option.
  • Support for PCIe Gen5, resulting in improved bandwidth, advanced data transfer rates, and higher network speeds from the PCIe Gen5 serial expansion bus.
  • Includes HPE iLO 6 server management software that enables you to securely configure, monitor, and update your HPE Synergy 480 Gen11 Compute modules.

Key Features

Intuitive Cloud Operating Experience: Simple, Self-Service, and Automated

The HPE Synergy 480 Gen11 Compute module simplifies the way you control compute from edge to cloud with a cloud operating experience. Transform business operations and pivot your team from reactive to proactive with global visibility and insight through a unified console.

Composable compute resource is intelligently auto-discovered, easily provisioned, and seamlessly managed. HPE Synergy composability simplifies IT operations and reduces overprovisioning costs.

The module is a software-defined infrastructure with integrated HPE OneView for simplifying operations and management. RESTful API with an ecosystem of composable infrastructure provides broad options for third-party integration, protecting key existing investments.

The HPE Synergy 480 Gen11 Compute module provides flexible enterprise solutions that allow IT to quickly and confidently implement changes through intelligent template-based operations, reducing downtime and errors from manual operations.

Customized Performance for your Workloads: Accelerated, Open, and Efficient

The HPE Synergy 480 Gen11 Compute module provides a performance increase over previous generations with support for the 4th Generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors and 5th Generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

Increase memory speeds with a wide range of memory sizes for registered HPE DDR5 Smart Memory DIMMs.

PCIe 5.0 for improved compute-to-network connectivity speed gets your data where it's needed faster.

System tuning to select cores, smooth performance, and match customer workloads.

Trusted Security by Design: Uncompromising, Fundamental, and Protected

The HPE Synergy 480 Gen11 Compute module utilizes the silicon root of trust from HPE, our fundamental approach to security that provides zero-trust architecture at the silicon level and helps ensure all server essential firmware is free from malware or compromised code.

This server, powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors, adds hardware- and software-assisted security features, including Intel Software Guard Extensions and Intel Boot Guard, which secure the server hardware foundation on which critical apps run and better protect data in memory.

Continuously protect healthy servers by providing rapid detection of security-compromised servers, even to the point of not allowing them to boot if it identifies and contains malicious code, and secure servers at the edge with IDevID certificates installed by default.

The module provides automated recovery from a security event, including restoration of validated firmware, facilitating recovery of the operating system, application, and data connections, enabling a speedy path to bring a server back online and into normal operations.

From silicon to software, from factory to cloud, and from generation to generation, this module is engineered with a fundamental security approach to defend against increasingly complex threats through an uncompromising commitment to constant security advancements that are built into our DNA.

Intel and Intel Xeon are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries. All third-party marks are property of their respective owners.

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