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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Relocation Service provides a single point of contact and management for every move related task—from planning and new site surveys to equipment re-installation and testing.

Manage your moves efficiently and cost-effectively

Moving data center equipment can be a complicated, time-intensive task with a high risk of interrupting business continuity. Turn it over to the professionals who know how to help you get it right the experienced relocation experts specialists at HPE Relocation Services.

HPE offers a comprehensive set of Relocation Services for moving facilities or technologies across the room, across the country or around the world HPE can shoulder responsibility for any or every aspect of your move.

Start-to-finish relocation

Available for single or multiple systems, entire data centers, or consolidation initiatives involving multiple data centers, HPE Services provide for end-to-end management of equipment relocation activities. Supported products include HPE servers, workstations, thin clients, storage devices, networking devices and software products — as well as supported hardware and software from other vendors.

Deliverables include :

  • Site evaluation
  • Relocation Planning
  • Equipment de-installation
  • Equipment re-installation
  • Repair/replacement insurance coverage
  • On-site Relocation Program Management (on larger relocations)
  • Equipment transportation
  • Secure Process for Protected Data
  • Computer hardware recycling, disposal, and disc destruction

Custom services tailored to your unique requirements

HPE can meet your special needs with diverse custom services including custom-quoted fixed-price proposals which include, priority-one replacement of HPE products (and many third-party products), mission-critical relocations with zero tolerance for downtime, short-term processing or storage capacity for use during your move and more.

Choose HPE Relocation Services when you need to:

  • Consolidate data centers
  • Close old facilities
  • Decrease business disruption during moves
  • Free key personnel to perform critical business functions
  • Eliminate budget overruns via predictable relocation costs


Why HPE for this Solution?

HPE Relocation Services deliver these benefits:

  • Protection of your computing investment
  • Assurance of an effective operating environment In your new location
  • Time savings and minimized financial risk by having HPE coordinate and manage the move
  • Fixed price for a fixed scope of work
  • Minimal business disruption during relocation

HPE Relocation Services offer the following features:

  • Relocation Expert to be your single point of contact for all aspects of your move
  • Destination site preparation and verification
  • Professional, insured equipment handling
  • Equipment preparation, de-installation and re-installation
  • Clearly defined relocation terms and conditions
  • Service delivery on a 24x365 basis
  • Relocation of HPE and multivendor information technology hardware

Solution Components

This offering includes de-installation, packing, transportation and re-installation services for all of the hardware listed in your completed relocation questionnaire. HPE Will document the information necessnary to reconnect and reconfigure the equipment at the new location. HPE will verify hardware operation and de-install the equipment in preparation for the physical relocation. Fully qualified engineers disassemble, disconnect, de-rack (if necessary), and prepare the equipment for transport to the new location. HPE will then package as necessary, transport and deliver the equipment to the new location.

upon delivery to the new location, HPE will re-install the equipment. Re-installation services include equipment assembly, re-racking (if required), and completion of necessary cable connections, along with power-on and re-booting of equipment to its initial prompt. Verification testing is provided for equipment under HPE Support or HPE warranty and minimum functionality tests are performed for the equipment not covered by HPE Support or HPE warranty.

Under this service offering HPE will perform a site verification of the new location prior to the equipment relocation. During site verification HPE Will review the physical space, electrical capability, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other environmental requirements of the equipment. This is a very high-level review and is not meant as a detailed assessment of the data center.

Please note: This service is not available with "De-install and Transit Only Services".

Every relocation opportunity performed for Customers is assigned a HPE Project Manager (or HPE Project Specialist) to control the scope and schedule of your project, as well as coordinate resources, communications, documentation, and change management process for your data center relocation project. The HPE Project Manager works remotely or on-site depending on the size, scope and complexity of your relocation.

The Project Manager is the customer's single point of contact during the project planning process through its delivery to completion. Working from start to finish, plans can be reviewed and/or modified to facilitate a smooth, timely, and well-coordinated relocation event.

This service offering is for customers who relocate equipment under HPE Support or HPE warranty using another relocation providen When equipment maintained under HPE Support Services is relocated to a different location by any party other than HP, the equipment must be recertified to validate proper operation and reinstate HPE support or HPE warranty coverage. Upon receipt of a Customers purchase order, HPE Will schedule the necessary resources to perform inspection and if required subsequent repair of relocated equipment.

HPE will travel to the Customer's site for inspection of the Relocated Equipment, and make a determination regarding whether the Relocated Equipment is in good operating condition. If during the assessment HPE determines that the Relocated Equipment is not in good operating condition, Customer must agree to have HPE repair the Relocated Equipment to good operating condition. The Customer must provide an acceptable purchase order or invoice authorization, and pay all associated charges for such repair. Charges are for parts and materials only (labor will be billed to the active HPE Support agreement). Refer to the complete terms and conditions for equipment re-qualification under the Learn More tab of this website.

Please note: Personal Computers (PCs), desktop printers, and handheld devices are excluded from the above assessment fee.

This offering offers a convenient, well controlled, and safe recycling and disposition service for displaced computer equipment. HPEs recycling service helps customers achieve a sense of environmental awareness, improve security of material and data, and alleviate the headache of managing retired assets. Through HPE Planet Partners, none of the electronics are sent to landfills, but instead are shipped to best-in class recycling locations in the CJS and Canada. Certificates of Destruction and specialized reporting are available upon request. All data residing on storage devices will be destroyed in the recycling process. The recycling process is in compliance with all applicable EPA standards. Recycling Services are applicable across ail computer, printing And, IT equipment and includes HPE or non-HPE brand products HPE can provide consolidated relocation and recycling quotes or Stand-along recycling quotes for all products. HPE Coordinates logistics by making shipping arrangements including multi-location pickup, sorting, packaging, and palletizing as required. If required, HPE provides certificate of destruction and/or specialized reporting as needed. All this with timely, accurate payment reconciliation and remittance.

For more information, go to the Learn More tab and download HPEs Recycling Data Sheet. If you're ready for recycling and disposition services complete and return the HPE's Hardware Recycling Request Form.

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