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HPE 4 Year Tech Care Crit PCle Workload Accelerator Service


HPE 4 Year Tech Care Critical Adaptive Rack Cooling System Service


HPE 4 Year Tech Care Critical Apollo 2000 Gen10 Chassis Service


HPE 4 Year Tech Care Critical Apollo 2000 Gen10+ Chassis Service


HPE 4 Year Tech Care Critical Apollo 6500 Gen10 Service


HPE 4 Year Tech Care Critical c7000 Enclosure Service


HPE 4 Year Tech Care Critical D3000 Enclosure Service


HPE 4 Year Tech Care Critical D6020 Enclosure Service


HPE 4 Year Tech Care Critical D8000 1 I/O Mod Density Enclosure Service


HPE 4 Year Tech Care Critical DL160 Gen10 Service


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Основные характеристики

Phone access to experts

Customers may contact HPE support by telephone 24 hours a day 7 days per week to log support incidents. Response times will depend on the service level of the covered product.

15-minute 24x7 enhanced response (Critical and Essential service levels) For severity 1 critical incidents, HPE aims to either connect the Customer to a product specialist or call the Customer back within 15 minutes.

For all other incidents, HPE may connect the Customer to a product specialist or call the Customer back within one hour.

2-hour standard response (Basic service level)
For calls on products covered by a basic service agreement, HPE shall provide a 2-hour phone response from a product specialist during the coverage window.

Expert online chat and Expert forum response

Expert online chat: Customers can initiate an online chat with a specialist technical resource to ask questions, get help, or general technical guidance. Expert online chat is provided so Customers can obtain quick answers to technical questions about their HPE product.

Complex questions that require detailed responses may be elevated to support incidents on an as-needed basis. Expert online chat is limited to English language only and available during the service coverage window.

Expert forum response: Customers can post questions, issues, or discuss usage of products within the HPE community forums. HPE product specialists respond within two business days to any unsolved questions raised within the official HPE community forum for products covered by HPE Support services.

Where posts raise topics that should be addressed through standard support processes, HPE requests that a formal support incident is created and follows the standard HPE incident management processes.

The specialist technical resource response is limited to English language only and requires that the user be registered with HPE Support Center and has linked service agreements.

Refer to hpe.com/services/expertchat for details or contact your local HPE Sales representative.

General technical guidance

HPE endeavors to provide general technical guidance for Customer questions and enquiries specific to the topic areas outlined in the following regarding the operation and management of the Customer’s products covered by HPE Tech Care.

General technical guidance is available through the telephone, web, and chat communication channels and is subject to the service coverage window of the service agreement and will be treated as a severity 3 incident.

When related to the topics detailed/described in the following, HPE identifies knowledge documents, videos, and knowledge base articles to assist with topics raised.

HPE InfoSight assistance

For HPE products that are supported by HPE InfoSight (list available in the following link), HPE provides support and advice for the setup, configuration, and usage of HPE InfoSight.

Further for those connected products, HPE extends general technical guidance to include HPE InfoSight analytics and the alerts and recommendations provided.

For configured HPE products, on request, HPE assists Customers to understand the issues, alerts, and information provided by HPE InfoSight.

Where analytics provide recommendations included in HPE InfoSight workload insights, HPE can provide qualification of the analysis, the recommendation, and the general next best actions in line with general technical guidance.

For more information on HPE InfoSight, devices coverage, and capabilities, visit infosight.hpe.com.

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