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The HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module can run anything and is composed with compute resources to meet the demands of a wide range of data workloads.

Now you can move faster to accelerate service delivery by quickly and easily provisioning zoned storage resources within the frame. Pooled storage resources provide the flexibility and performance needed to accommodate a wide range of workloads.

Work efficiently, quickly and confidently to implement changes for zoned storage with one-tool, one-step template-based operations. Changes such as updating firmware are automatically implemented with the infrastructure online significantly reducing errors and delivering real-time compliance.

Flexible Capacity for a Wide Range of Workloads

The HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module allows disk drives to be flexibly grouped and composed with any Synergy Compute Module or with multiple Compute Modules in the same Synergy Frame.

The ability to mix and match drive types and sizes from an array of Small Form Factor (SFF) drive options provides flexibility to deliver the right balance of performance and capacity for a variety of workloads such as database, collaboration (email/communication), file, Web, and media streaming.

Expand storage capacity easily by adding up to 4 Synergy D3940 Storage Modules per HPE Synergy Frame, offering up to 160 drives which equates to 16 SFF drives per rack unit.

The Synergy D3940 Storage Module is configurable as ultra-dense direct attached zoned storage or can be deployed as flexible scale-out software defined shared storage when virtualized and provisioned by StoreVirtual VSA.

High Performance, Highly Available Composable Storage

The HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module provides a non-blocking 12 Gb SAS fabric from end-to-end which enables full utilization of flash storage for workloads requiring superb I/O performance.

Forty Small Form Factor (SFF) hot-plug SAS/SATA drive bays per storage module can provide a total of up to 160 spindles to be zoned as needed to any or multiple Compute Modules within a single HPE Synergy Frame.

The Synergy D3940 Storage Module can be configured with single or dual I/O adapters in each Storage Module and single or dual HPE Synergy 12 G SAS Connection Modules in each HPE Synergy 12000 Frame for increased availability.

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