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  • Primary network and security engine for The Aruba CX 10000 Series Switch. Provides unified orchestration for segmentation, security, and firewall policy configuration.
  • Orchestrate
    micro-segmentation, securing workloads with a VM vNIC granularity. Policies can
    be created by utilizing vSphere TAGs or VM names which provides simplification
    in policy definition.
  • Provides switch port telementry data and management of distributed services firewall logs
  • Orchestrate a set of switches in a multi-fabric, which simplifies day-to-day operations and troubleshooting. Management and Data Fabric. Fully integrated with IT and workload management frameworks.
  • Offers the simplicity and determinism of centralized network management with the rapid response and scalability of decentralized control.
  • Combine deep IT ecosystem integration and event-based workflow automation with global network control that is customized for Hewlett Packard Enterprise environments.

Key Features

Simplify IT Operations

Aruba Fabric Composer can orchestrate a discrete set of switches as a networking fabric through a single pane of glass that manages the network and security with application awareness.

Workflow automation and simple point and click GUI help streamline complexity, increasing speed and reducing costs.

Fabric-wide secirity policy orchestration for workloads.

Open APIs allow DEV-OPS community to develop its own integration packs.

Multi-Fabric management

Accelerate Provisioning

Aruba Fabric Composer speeds infrastructure provisioning with software-defined fabric automation and orchestration.

Integrates into your existing IT operational frameworks with ease.

Increased Visibility and Control

Aruba Fabric Composer features end-to-end network visibility of connected hosts, virtual machines, VLANs, services, and workloads to simplify troubleshooting of connectivity and performance problems.

Automatically detect and dynamically solve network issues before your business is impacted.

Unified Policy and Distributed Services Orchestration

Provides unified orchestration for segmentation, security, and firewall policy configuration. It is also the primary network and security engine for The Aruba CX 10000 Series Switch with Pensando.

Centrally defined policy elements distributed to every rack allowing for fine-tuned micro-segmentation of workloads. Unified policy allows the administrator to easily configure stateless ACLs or create stateful policies enforced by Distributed Services Firewall.

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