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What's New

  • Increase resource utilization with improved workload balancing across a cluster.
  • HPE Serviceguard uses best-fit, load-sensitive package placement to select nodes with highest remaining or least used capacity.

Key Features

Comprehensive Protection Against Hardware, Software, Virtualization, Network and Storage Faults

HPE Serviceguard packages a critical service such as an application or a database together with its associated resources, and monitors the entire package for any faults related to hardware, software, operating system, virtualization layer, virtual machine guests, network and storage.

Uses advanced cluster arbitration mechanisms to prevent data corruption and loss.

Maintains service levels after a failover or disaster by using seamless integration with the HPE Matrix Operating Environment to help improve resource utilization and flex resources in real time.

Delivers full support for both physical and virtualized server environments.

Complete integration with utility pricing to synchronize the movement of hardware resources and software licenses along with a service during failover.

Compatible with Serviceguard Extensions, Toolkits and Disaster Recovery Solutions

HPE Serviceguard utilizes the simplicity of your toolkits and extensions with management of Serviceguard Extension for Oracle Real Application Cluster (SGeRAC), Serviceguard Extension for SAP (SGeSAP), the Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkit (ECMT), and the Network File Server (NFS) Toolkit.

Enjoy full compatibility with Serviceguard Metrocluster and Continentalclusters Disaster Recovery Solutions to provide simplicity even during failovers.


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