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  • In addition to automating storage provisioning task, HPE XP7 Automation Director can automate infrastructure management tasks such as fabric and virtual machine operations for improved IT efficiency.

Key Features

Automated Storage Provisioning

HPE XP7 Automation Director software replaces repetitive time-consuming tasks and complex workflows with easy-to-use templates. Provisioning becomes completely automated or as simple as a few mouse clicks.

Human error is often a leading contributor to downtime. HPE XP7 Automation Director software reduces human error by replacing mundane repetitive tasks with a service template for repeatable, reliable, and predictable outcomes. Provision automatically, and with confidence.

In addition to automating storage provisioning, further improves IT efficiency by using HPE XP7 Automation Director node license to unlock automation of associated fabric and virtual machine operations.

Provision Quickly Utilizing Service Catalog

HPE XP7 Automation Director software reduces complexity and accelerates provisioning by providing a pre-populated catalog of templates that were created using known best practices across a variety of common workloads.

Responds rapidly to additional requests for storage, even if it’s for an application new to the environment. For example, if the request is for a virtualized environment, select and deploy a template from the HPE XP7 Automation Director software Service Catalog with best practices based on VMware.

Customize Templates From Scratch Utilizing Service Builder

HPE XP7 Automation Director software comes with a robust catalog of pre-defined templates, but sometimes a new application needs a slightly different workflow. Service Builder, included with the software, contains tools needed to modify an existing template and then create a new catalog entry.

The Service Builder tool, included with the software, contains everything needed to create workflow templates from scratch. Use Service Builder to create a totally custom workflow template connecting resources in your environment for a simple, repeatable, high-quality provisioning experience.

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